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How to Speed Up Order Fulfillment

speed up order fulfillmentWhether you’re looking for a fulfillment company or are a fulfillment company looking to improve your procedures, there’s one thing you need to know: fast order fulfillment can make all the difference for your business. You can spend a ton of money on marketing and advertising, but the fact is that if customers are unhappy with your service, then your business won’t do well.

The widespread use of social media has made it extremely easy for consumers to connect with each other, and give suggestions on who has not only the best products, but the best customer service. The faster you’re able to fulfill orders, the faster your customers will receive their order. If you read our last post, then you know that fast shipping is one of the top things that consumers expect—and fast order fulfillment process means fast shipping. You can build your business by providing your customers with an awesome experience, which will not only encourage them to return, but to bring their family and friends with them as well. Furthermore, speedy order fulfillment can make your supply chain more efficient by eliminating redundancies and waste, and reducing cost.

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How to Know if Your e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Is Failing

Know if Your e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Is FailingDo you suspect your e-commerce order fulfillment process of failing? Check for these four telltale signs— if you’ve observed more than one of them, it may be time to switch providers.

4 Signs Your e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Is Failing

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Understanding the Challenges of Order Fulfillment

APSFulfillment_image_110315The order fulfillment process has always presented challenges for small businesses. But with the current demands of today’s consumers, combined with the necessity for even small businesses to think globally, it’s now more challenging than ever to build an efficient and effective fulfillment system.

However, if you can wrap your mind around these challenges and operate in a manner that allows for transparency, communication at each step of the process, and a high degree of automation, then the challenges of customer demands and a global mindset actually become strengths.

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How to Improve the Order Fulfillment Process

APSFulfillment_image_102015It seems straightforward enough: Process and deliver an order to your customers on time and with no damage to the product. Unfortunately, order fulfillment is not that simple. Getting a product from point A to point B involves many stages, at many levels. It also involves groups of people who need to coordinate amongst each other if there’s any hope of having that package arrive on time, in one piece, with the proper documentation.

The good news is there are ways to better manage this process. The key is to have a system in place that accounts for every step of the fulfillment journey; from the moment the product is ordered until delivery to the customer, and beyond that if there are any refunds or other issues. Though it certainly isn’t easy, implementing a practical system to optimize order fulfillment is very possible. Here are some points to help get your business started.

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Multi-Location Order Fulfillment—Pros and Cons

Multi-Location Order Fulfillment—Pros and Cons

What Is Multi-Location Fulfillment?

Many e-commerce businesses look to order fulfillment as an area in which they can possibly excel over their competition. Having the ability to ship to a consumer faster and for cheaper rates makes a real difference in determining customer retention and loyalty.

One option that becomes attractive to businesses as they grow is multi-location order fulfillment. What this involves is building additional distributions centers in closer proximity to the customer base so shipping becomes more efficient. Like any other business decision, there are advantages and disadvantages of multi-purpose order fulfillment centers. We discuss some of the pros and cons of multi-location order fulfillment below.

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What are the Benefits of Try Before You Buy Fulfillment?

What are the Benefits of Try Before You Buy Fulfillment? As e-commerce sites continue to spur the online shopping trend, more and more consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable shopping without ever visiting a physical store. One of the remaining obstacles that has kept customers attached to brick-and-mortar locations is the fact they get to interact with a product before ever making a decision on whether to purchase.

Although this is most common among fashion brands, many e-commerce retailers recognize this as a limitation. However, with the growth of try-before-you-buy online shopping, the opportunity to allow customers to interact with the product before purchase has finally become a reality.

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How to Overcome Common Holiday Fulfillment Challenges

Warehouse worker pushing pallet truck with cardboard boxesAlthough the weather outside can become frightful, the Christmas season means that your sales can be quite delightful. The key is ensuring that your e-commerce systems and order fulfillment operations are able to handle the increased load. Unfortunately, online retailers face a number of challenges when trying to ensure the fast and effective fulfillment of a customer’s Christmas wish.

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Why Small Retail Businesses Need Real Order Fulfillment

small-business fulfillment services Small businesses are unique in that their needs, operations, and processes are different from those of larger companies. Often times, many small businesses are still in a phase where they only have a few employees, yet they are relatively successful at the products and services they are offering.

But there comes a time when every small business needs to create the conditions that allow for growth. That means more business, more staff, and allowing more parties to help streamline or optimize your process. The need for small-business fulfillment services is one of the main areas in which this growth must be allowed to take place.

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Order Fulfillment Services Cost and Prices—How They Work

order fulfillment services pricingWhat Is Fulfillment Cost?

If you have a product that you sell to customers, you’re already operating in the order fulfillment industry. That means you’ll need to be able to ask and answer questions like “What is a fulfillment cost?” and know precisely all of your product fulfillment fees.

If you are a new company, it’s imperative you do not underestimate the financial significance of knowing your order fulfillment prices. The cost of shipping a package from warehouse to a customer’s doorstep can determine your profitability. For more established companies, there’s always room to grow and find ways to better manage your fulfillment services. Customer expectations have changed, especially in the e-commerce environment, and you need to keep up if you hope to remain ahead of your competition.

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Understanding Dimensional Weight and Its Impacts on e-Commerce Order Fulfillment

UPS dimensional weightIf your e-commerce order fulfillment company performs its own shipping, then you likely think about delivery costs in relation to product weight and size. After all, a product’s weight has a direct impact on the amount of fuel needed to transport it, so there is a very real benefit to keeping shipments light when possible. When using UPS and FedEx as your e-commerce shipping companies other considerations—in addition to physical weight—need to be taken into account to proper calculate costs. This is called “dimensional weight,” and understanding its use and calculation is essential for mastery of e-commerce shipping solutions.

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