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How to Know When It’s Time to Switch 3PL Providers

Switch 3PL ProvidersHaving the right third-party (3PL) logistics providers on your side can make a world of difference to your profit margins, especially during these difficult pandemic times. With the right 3PL provider, you’ll be able to boost revenue by significantly reducing shipping times while also enhancing inventory management, helping you create a more efficient business. If the 3PL company you’re currently with isn’t providing these benefits, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Two-thirds of businesses find that 3PL providers help reduce logistics costs; here’s how to tell if your order fulfillment company is in need of a new 3PL partner.

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Order Fulfillment Strategies for 2022

With conditions as volatile and destabilized as they are due to the ongoing (interminable) pandemic, e-commerce fulfillment providers are looking for ways to respond to these obstacles and avoid significant revenue losses. Order fulfillment strategies, when well-crafted and carefully executed, can be among the most effective counters to the pandemic difficulties.

Order fulfillment strategy, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, is the combination of the methods, processes, and technologies that an order fulfillment company undertakes to deliver products to customers.

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Everything You Need to Know about eBay Order Fulfillment Services in Florida

eBay Order Fulfillment Services in Florida As the e-commerce and online shopping market continues to grow, order fulfillment options are also growing in tandem. Nowadays, these fulfillment services are tailored to specific e-commerce platforms, each offering their own qualities and shortfalls. In this piece we’ll be diving into eBay order fulfillment services in Florida, so you can begin to evaluate which fulfillment option is right for your business.

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How to Streamline Your e-Commerce Order Fulfillment Process

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Strategies to Save Money and TimeLooking to create efficiencies is the hallmark of any strong business. In essence, that’s all that “streamlining” means – cutting away bloat and creating a faster, smoother, more cost-effective business process. And when it comes to creating streamlined order fulfillment services in Florida, APS Fulfillment, Inc. is an expert.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ways to streamline e-commerce fulfillment services in Hollywood, Florida.

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Get Ready for a Different Holiday Shopping Season in 2020

This year, the holiday season may look a little different than past years. Now is the time for retailers to start preparing for order fulfillment during the 2020 holiday shopping season. Not only is it harder to predict consumer demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is also a lot of uncertainty regarding the possibility of increased e-commerce shopping this holiday season. What can retailers expect in the upcoming months and what can you do to prepare? Here’s why you will need robust e-commerce fulfillment for the holiday season, and where you can get the support your need.

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Shipping CBD Oil: Important Factors for You to Consider

Over the last few years, many countries around the world have begun to legalize marijuana. While the use of the drug is still widely regulated by governments, more and more products that contain CBD are being sold and shipped worldwide than ever before.

The United States’ CBD market alone is expected to reach $20 billion by 2024. Given the fact that CBD products are still monitored and regulated very closely, shipping the product involves a few specific steps in order to ensure your fulfillment operations are legal.

If you want to ship CBD products and get in on this multi-billion-dollar industry, here are some factors to help you understand if your supplier’s products are legal to ship.

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Fulfillment Market Trends for August 2020

Fulfillment Market Trends for August 2020
Everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide—and the fulfillment industry was no exception. Fulfillment market trends for August 2020 are a result of the changes many organizations had to make to adapt to the new e-commerce landscape. From contactless delivery to boosting online presence, these changes since February have drastically shifted the fulfillment industry and businesses are expected to settle into this “new normal” as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are the key e-commerce market trends to know for 2020, so that you get up to speed.

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Contactless Order Fulfillment in 2020: The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. Businesses were forced to close, and people were unable to shop and go about their business as usual. But even as many governments around the world have begun to reopen businesses and resume services, things still are not the way they used to be. The pandemic has reshaped the retail world and more consumers have started shopping online to get the products they need. If you operate an e-commerce business, here’s why contactless order fulfillment is the new normal for 2020 and onward.

Growing Demand for Contactless Order Fulfillment

The pandemic has accelerated a shift away from shopping in physical brick-and-mortar stores to shopping online. Department stores have seen significant declines and many smaller shops have had to shut down indefinitely. In fact, in the first quarter of this year, department store sales and other non-essential retailers noticed a decline of 25%. In the second quarter, this increased to a 75% decline.

It’s not all doom and gloom for small- and medium-sized business, however. E-commerce is projected to grow by nearly 20% this year, according to reports.

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Why Retailers Need More Fulfillment Space to Fill Orders During and After the Pandemic

ecommerce fulfillment servicesThe United States has been one of the hardest hit countries around the world when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social and physical distancing guidelines encourage more and more people to stay home as much as possible and only go out to do essential errands. That means more and more people are placing online orders. As a result, business owners have been forced to rethink and reformulate their existing product fulfillment and distribution strategies to better meet the growing consumer demands.

To avoid having to deal with various physical distancing and mask-wearing guidelines or store regulations, more people are ordering their products online from the comfort of their own homes.

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Nine Common Challenges in e-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Challenges in e-Commerce Order Fulfillment


No matter the size of your business, order fulfillment issues are a common encounter in e-commerce. Errors can occur during the warehousing, packaging, shipping, and delivery process, and each of these aspects can have their own set of complications and stresses. If you want to ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully, here are some important facts about the most common e-commerce fulfillment challenges, and how you can resolve them.

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