Importance of Labeling in the WarehouseWarehouses can be places where piles of packed or loose products occupy space in a disorganized manner. It can be a challenge to identify what products are out of the mess, and this is one reason why proper organization is so important. Warehouse labeling systems virtually eliminate this problem by making sure products are easily identified and managed during the shipping process. It also ensures customers receive the item they ordered and not the wrong item in mislabelled packaging. The approach to warehouse rack or shelf labeling is customized to each business as there are different types. Here are the options for warehouse labeling and some of their benefits.

Types of Warehouse Labels

Depending on your business’s warehousing purposes, there are several types of warehouse labels to choose from. Each of these items can be used together to streamline warehouse organization and make sure workers can easily identify every section, rack, and carton. Here are some of the most common types.

Floor Labels

Floor labels are ideal for large warehouses with several rooms. They are manufactured to survive heavy floor traffic and wear and tear. They are designed to withstand harsh solvent, oil, hydrocarbon solutions, and other contaminants, and they can be customized for any size, shape, length, or content requirements.

Rack Labels

The most common type of warehouse label is a rack label, which is used to streamline workflow by making items and sections easier to identify for employees. They help identify the right products for inventory management, storing, and shipping purposes. There are several types of rack labels, and they include multi-level, magnetic, cold storage, and more. Rack labels can be easily color-coded for identification; they can also be designed with arrows, and can be placed on aisles for easy locating of items.

Warehouse Magnets

Out of all the warehouse label options, magnets are the most reusable option. They can be applied regardless of temperature, removed without any mess or scratches, and can be reapplied without the need of sticky adhesives like tape. Magnetic signs and labels are typically used for shelf and rack location labeling as they can be moved when required.

Retro-Reflective Labels

This option is terrific for barcoding shelves. They can be scanned up to 45 feet away thanks to particles in the label that reflect light. They are a great solution for warehouse racks, pallets, and other industrial surfaces.

Warehouse Signs

A great safety feature, warehouse signs can help identify hazards to employees working in the plant. Since most warehouse workers operate heavy machinery and have to navigate around sharp corners and aisles, warehouse signs are extremely important. Employees should be made aware of proper procedures and potential hazards within the warehouse, and these safety signs are helpful for notifying workers of forklift safety warnings, clearance height and capacity alerts, quality-control warnings, and safety reminders.

Importance of Warehouse Labels

There are numerous advantages of using warehouse labels as they are the most functional and cost-effective way to keep your warehouse organized and operating efficiently. Here are some of the advantages of warehouse labeling.

Efficient Inventory and Warehouse Management

Warehouse labels eliminate mistakes, such as shipping the incorrect item to customers and mishandling items that should be treated with care. They can include several data to enhance efficiency within the warehouse facility, such as product expiration dates and security or caution notes.

Minimal Location Confusion

Labeled warehouse racks make it easier for employees to avoid work-related errors, such as locating the incorrect product. If products are restocked in the wrong sections or if areas are unorganized with mixed product, the entire supply chain process will be slower and more time-consuming. Proper labeling virtually eliminates this issue.

Lower Risk of Errors

Having racks properly labeled in the warehouse virtually eliminates errors that often occur through manual inventory tracking and recording. These labels also improve the efficiency and productivity of employees as they can more easily locate the right items and shelves to prepare shipments and restocking projects. Correctly labeled cartons also prevent issues during the supply chain, such as backorders or incorrect shipments.

Improved Durability and Readability

Most warehouse labels are easy to install, which makes the labelling process quick and efficient. They are clearly legible and easy to replace if they suffer any damage from wear and tear. The multitude of label options can provide solutions to the unique needs of manufacturing and warehousing companies.

Quick Tips for Labeling Your Warehouse

Properly organizing your warehouse depends heavily on the labels you choose, but how you label your warehouse is equally as important. See the following list for some helpful tips to make sure your warehouse racks, cartons, floors, and hazardous areas are properly labeled so that you and your employees can work more efficiently and safely:

  • Make sure your labels are durable and secured in place
  • The writing or barcodes on labels should be large enough to see from a reasonable distance and should be in a font that is easy to read
  • Choosing colors like black on yellow or white on red are great options for making sure the labels are easily identified from other unrelated labels in the warehouse. You can also use different color schemes for easy identification of the purpose of each label type
  • Labels should be easy to change or create using an office printer or label maker in case of damage or changed information
  • They should be placed in a position that would keep normal warehouse activity from easily ripping or damaging them
  • Using arrows is helpful for identifying exactly what rack or carton the label is referring to

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