Product Fulfillment Business

Bad Press

Public security is a serious concern these days. The media contains daily reports on journalists hacking into celebrities’ phones, morally questionable government spying, and people getting caught in bad situations due to smartphone videos. It’s getting hard to tell if you are being spied on, are the spy, or both. Whatever the case, it’s not a good feeling to know that these situations are happening globally.

It serves to remind us of two things: that we are living in an increasingly technologically dependent society and that we have to maintain a certain level of personal and professional security. Without demonizing technology too much, we have to be aware of its uses and how easily it can be misused.

This is especially true in a business like product fulfillment, where you have to make sure you are both exercising and maintaining good security measures equally. It’s vital to protect yourself, your clients, and your associates—but to do that, you have to know how security works.

Under the Strictest Confidentiality

To start off on the right, secure foot for your business, you should start wherever your products begin, then secure the streams that you use for delivery. This requires some micromanagement on your part.

If you are doing commercial warehousing or using professional storage and transportation, you need to protect your goods. Make sure these facilities have quality, well-placed cameras and require access codes so that you and you alone can access your items when needed. When fulfilling your clients’ orders or ordering items for yourself through a third party, make sure the logistics fulfillment is insured in case things get lost in transit. Having the right insurance on hand will also secure your fulfillment avenues that much more.

You also have to make sure all of your technology-based media is secure when in use. If you are running e-commerce order fulfillment, make sure the payment interfaces are secure and keep your client database information under strict confidentiality. Even if you have to pay for a special listing program, it’s still your job to ensure that all of your clients’ information is kept safe and that only you and a few coworkers can access it when necessary.

Safety First

Old school security measures are still necessary and useful in product fulfillment. Whether you are engaging in commercial warehousing, professional digital printing, or outsourcing for third-party fulfillment, all should be finalized using a written contract. This isn’t a sign of mistrust, but rather enables everyone to understand their role.

Client contracts and formal business mandates help both yourself and clients understand your relationship. You may require legal consultation, and it can be pricey; however, it’s usually a good safety measure that helps you know your rights and responsibilities and keep your business safe using the strongest professional system possible.

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