Types of packagingAlmost every package purchased by a business or customer is packaged. The role of packaging in warehousing is primarily to protect the item that is being handled by the warehouse or shipped to the customer; packaging can also be very elaborate and can entice customers to make a purchase. Whatever types of packaging your supply chain uses, it should be strong enough to limit any damage to the item that is being moved in the warehouse, and should be able to protect the product as it is transported to the customer. Here are some additional points that explain the importance of packaging in warehousing. 

Protection/Minimizing Damage

After an item has left the production line, the primary task for packaging is to be sure that any possible change of damage is limited. There are a variety of scenarios within the warehouse in which damage could occur: forklifts dropping materials, products falling from conveyor belts, or products falling from broken pallets. Packaging should be designed to protect the item from damage, and from environmental dangers such as extreme weather, water damage, or static, which can affect electronic devices.

However, in terms of cost savings, it is important to find the balance between ensuring the durability of packaging, and making sure it does not increase the weight of the finished good too much. Heavy packaging increases shipping costs and may deter customers from finalizing their purchase.

Reduce Risk of Dealing with Labor and Inventory

The right packaging choice can reduce the risks of expensive labor and inventory. Inefficient packaging tools waste time and run up costs. Packaging that is easily moved, easy to construct, load, and offload, and provides effective flexibility, will give employees valuable advantages to increase productivity and avoid risk of damage.

Helps to Manage Space in Warehouse

Packaging that is easy to store and stock on shelves or the floor, simple to process through checkout counters, and takes up minimal space will allow you to make the most of your warehouse real estate.

Efficient Transportation

The right packaging material can reduce transportation costs by keeping the warehouse constantly moving. Products will be able to move seamlessly from the warehouse to transport and then to the end user. A steady flow of goods due to quality packaging can result in increased productivity.

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