fundraising services for non-profit organizationsNon-profit organizations do important work regardless of whether the aim is local, statewide, nationwide, or international in scope. These groups serve communities by helping the needy, providing support to the injured and sick, raising awareness, and much, much more.

However, even the most altruistic non-profit cannot function without being properly funded. Fundraising supports necessary services, programs, and items that are needed to carry out your group’s goals. When funding falls short, the cost is felt in terms of the impoverished who can’t be seen by a doctor or homeless who can’t be sheltered.

Fundraising also has numerous benefits beyond meeting monetary needs. Fundraising activities help form connections with new volunteers, engage the group with the community, and help forge stronger bonds that go beyond any singular event. Here are some possible approaches to improve fundraising outcomes.

Leverage Celebrity Endorsements

Having a recognizable face to lend credibility to your message or attract people to your cause is as useful for fundraising as it is for advertising. Many international stars have taken up the mantle of numerous causes over the years and have formed highly successful partnerships with non-profit organizations. However, you don’t necessarily have to struggle to corner stars of the red carpet or music stage. If your non-profit has a local focus for instance, it may be more effective to try and form relationships with personalities who have ties to your area. Look for a locals who went on to make a name for themselves or who started their career nearby. Most urban areas have at least one such claim to fame, and even the biggest stars will remember their roots.

Corporate Partnership

The idea of corporate responsibility has seen many companies strive to give back to communities and engage with non profits. The exact nature of a corporate partnership can vary. This includes one-time sponsors, donors of specific events, being provided with reduced or cost-free services for your group, ongoing donors, or even the creation of corporate grants.

While there are some benefits to enlisting the aid of a major company like, say, Coke, plenty can be gained from looking more locally as well. Speaking to local store owners and seeing if they are willing to become sponsors or partners in exchange for some sort of recognition is a common and effective activity; a business is often willing to give back to its community.

Direct Marketing

Sometimes tapping support for a cause is just a matter of getting the message out. APS Fulfillment, Inc. provides high-quality documentation and printing services designed to service non-profit professionals. Integration of the best printing, matched mailing, catalogue production, and direct-marketing services has allowed these key outreach and fundraising activities to be provided at a low cost tailored for the awareness needs of non-profit groups. Contact us by phone at 954-582-7450 or by email at [email protected] for more information on how direct-marketing services can be used to empower non-profit fundraising.