brochure printing servicesBusiness owners understand how important it is to grab and maintain customers’ attentions. That’s why so much emphasis is placed on marketing. Customers need to know who your brand is and what it represents, and being able to tell that story through brochure printing services is a great way to capture your target consumer.

Brochure Printing Online and Mailing Services

What APS Fulfillment can offer is a way to maximize your direct marketing through brochure printing online and mailing services. We have the technology in place to carry out a full campaign and ensure your brochures reach as many doors as necessary to help you reach your engagement and revenue goals.

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing strategies, it’s important that business owners not overlook the significance of direct mail marketing, particularly brochures. Giving customers a physical representation of your company—something they can take with them and read at their own leisure—is a convenience that still carries a lot of weight.

Why Use Printed Brochures to Market Your Business?

There are several advantages to using printed brochures to market your business. Some of the most prominent ones include:

Grabs Attention

A customer can’t identify your brand if they don’t know what it’s about. Billboards and TV ads are beneficial, but having a small brochure designed to your tastes and consistent with your overall brand helps customers better engage with your products or services.

Best Marketing Tool

Direct mail marketing works, and is actually near the top of all platforms when it comes to customer engagement and conversions. For companies that are looking for results, printed brochures should be a primary means of offline marketing.

More Information at Lower Cost

One of the greatest benefits of brochure printing is that you are able to really tell a specific story. Consumers can learn a lot about your overall business, a specific product or service, or time-specific deals your business offers. All this can be done with a single brochure.

Easily Generate Leads

People will only read your brochures if they are truly interested in what you are offering. Printed brochures are personal, which is why engagement rates are higher with this form of marketing.

Easy to Access and Read

Brochures stay with the consumer. They can be placed in a pocket or purse and read during a commute or once the consumer has reached his or her destination. And, unlike emails, brochures can’t be deleted. This makes their presence more impactful than digital means.

Brochure Marketing Strategies—Who Should Use Them

Many industries use direct mail marketing—specifically printed brochures—as a means of engaging with consumers. Some examples of these industries are:


Using brochures to display menu items and take-out menus is a classic approach many restaurants continue to use.


Finance is something people hold close to home. Banks use brochures to explain the nuances of banking and how customers can benefit from the many opportunities available.


Hotels are always offering discounted rates or luxury upgrades. Brochures help them spread the word.

Real Estate

Now more than ever, real estate brokerages and agents must be constantly marketing. Brochures are an effective way to create top-of-mind awareness in homebuyers and sellers.

Automotive Dealerships

Brochures are often used in this industry to explain the particulars of purchasing, leasing, or financing agreements.


Having in hand a brochure that can be read at anytime is important for those who are serious or concerned about their health.


With the ongoing promotion necessary to run an effective retail outlet, brochures become almost indispensable when it comes to keeping customers aware and engaged.


Fundraising is the primary means by which non-profits exist. Much of that fundraising is garnered through direct mail campaigns that use brochures to explain the benefits of contributing to a cause.

Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small- and medium-sized businesses shouldn’t think that direct mail marketing is only for big business. They can benefit greatly by conducting offline campaigns, including brochure mailing.

APS Fulfillment has a proven history of successfully leading direct mail campaigns. Brochure printing services is just one aspect of how we can direct your campaigns and help reach your targets. Contact us to learn more about the direct mail services APS provides.