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The Fulfillment Supply Chain Checklist

customer order fulfillmentTarget recently announced that they will be shutting down all of their operations in Canada. This was a big shock to many due to the amount of money and jobs lost.

Much of Target’s Canadian failure has been attributed to supply chain issues. All fulfillment companies can learn from Target and use the following checklist to ensure they are utilizing their supply chain services correctly:

1.  Do You Have the Proper Software?

The media has noted that Target Canada didn’t have the proper software management services to link the retailer with its supply chain companies, something a business cannot let happen. While it’s true that technology can be frustrating and hard to keep up with, you have to make sure that your supply chain software is working in order to handle orders quickly.

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5 Easy Visual Fulfillment Marketing Techniques

Direct MarketingAt the end of 2014, the digital marketing experts predicted that visual media will become even more of a prominent marketing tool. This is good news for fulfillment companies as, contrary to popular belief, fulfillment marketing is easy to do.

Here are five techniques to better use visual media marketing in fulfillment:

1. Use Slideshows

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why quality images of your product line are often enough to generate sales. You can download free, high-quality programs that allow you to upload images of your products and create slideshows that showcase these items. And for the best photos, you might want to consult your supply chain or wholesale companies for the highest quality photos they have.

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Forging Beneficial Partnerships in Fulfillment

direct mail marketingIf you have a large workload and cannot do it alone, it may be time to consider a partner. But if you’re uncertain about your prospects—perhaps you’ve heard some horror stories—you should know that, provided you find the right partner, the good can far outweigh the bad. Here are a few possible options for businesses to work alongside:

1. Other Fulfillment Houses

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. If you know of a rival company that might be willing to work with you—perhaps they handle similar products—present them with an offer. You may be surprised by who you can successfully work with!

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A Rough Guide to M-Commerce

A Rough Guide to M-CommerceNot even Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, could have imagined today’s technology. It seems all members of society now have the cool gizmos that Mr. Bond would have once used to save the world. Seemingly everything is now available in the palm of your hand.

This is the primary aspect of the newest form of online business: mobile commerce, or “m-commerce,” wherein people make purchases on their tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. If you have been having issues with e-commerce fulfillment and you’re concerned the addition of m-commerce will only make things more difficult, don’t worry; it’s not that hard to incorporate.

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Signs to Change Your Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain ServicesThere may be times when the cracks start to show in your business and you aren’t providing or receiving the best services possible. One area where this may happen is your supply chain services. If your partners are starting to display problems, they need to be addressed immediately.

Signs and Symptoms

Recently, Target Canada revealed that since its inception, there have been problems with its supply chain companies.

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Importing Tips for Product Fulfillment

Importing Tips for Product FulfillmentThere’s always a market for imported specialty goods. However, changes to importing laws are stymieing a lot of people involved in the merchandise fulfillment importing process.

Once these laws are on the books, you, as the importer, have to be ready to determine how these regulations will affect your ability to acquire and sell imported goods. You may even have to revise your fulfillment service to accommodate these new laws.

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How to Use Your Summertime Schedule Effectively in Product Fulfillment

Supply Chain CompaniesThe fact is that too many in product fulfillment don’t make the most of the summer season. Yes, enjoying the weather is important, but the season also possesses great business potential. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to enjoy summertime success.

‘Tis the Season

In truth, it’s not summer so much that you have to concern yourself with; it’s fall. Even before August ends, you have to start thinking about upcoming fall events: back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas. These are busy times, making them ripe with business opportunities.

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