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Seasonal Savings in Product Fulfillment

APSFulfillmentIt’s fall and now is the time to refocus on your fulfillment center—and the opportunities doing so provides.

Aside from the usual savings and promotions you could be offering at this time of year, there are also some new fulfillment trends you can take advantage of as well. Here’s all you need to know.


Like the shops putting out harvest displays or cutouts of Santa, your fulfillment marketing strategy has to be holiday-centric.

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Using Blogs in Product Fulfillment

fulfillment housesBlogs continue to replace newspapers and newsletters to the point that marketing programs at colleges and universities are offering courses on them, as well as the rest of social media. As a fun and creative way for a business to promote themselves, knowledge about how to incorporate a blog into your product fulfillment operations is essential.

Blogging Basics

It’s difficult to say which blog site or interface to use, as each service, such as Blogger and WordPress, has advantages, so research each thoroughly to see which best compliments your business and skills.

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Cutting Costs in Product Fulfillment

outsource fulfillmentFinances often determine a business’ future, and a lack of funds means a need to downsize. This is no different in product fulfillment. However, by determining which expenditures your business doesn’t truly need, you can get your finances back on track and simplify your business’ ability to achieve success.


Start by examining your balance sheets; you might discover areas of your business that you don’t need or are too expensive. However, it’s up to you to determine which expenses are worthwhile and which need to go.

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Performing Successful Rush Jobs in Product Fulfillment

on-demand printing services

When They Need it Yesterday

If you’re a professional in this day and age, the idea of “needing it yesterday” isn’t new, to the point of being a common occurrence.

However, it’s a necessary evil to any business, and those that complain about the extra work or having to act faster often put their careers at risk. It’s true that you can’t work yourself too hard, but you have to be prepared to go that extra mile if you want to retain your customers.

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The Secret to Good Product Fulfillment Catalogues

Product Fulfillment Catalogues

Holiday Joy

Halloween is coming, with Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s to soon follow. The holiday season is approaching, giving people a reason to celebrate. And these celebrations usually include the giving of gifts.

Concerns about overconsumption aside, it’s a fact that most people enjoy buying things. Whether it’s books, fancy rims for their car, or designer handbags, most people have one or two luxury items they couldn’t resist buying.

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How to Cater to the Right Niche Market in Product Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment

Chosen Few

When we were kids, we dreamed of fame. We wanted to be professional athletes, rock stars, or maybe an A-list Hollywood star. These all seemed really cool and, at the time, very feasible.

But alas, we grew up and realized how limited our talents are. While we manage to realize a lot of our dreams, we might not fulfill all of them. We’re only human; limitations are something even Superman was forced to realize eventually.

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Full Speed Ahead: Good Shipping and Mailing Practices in Product Fulfillment

Good Shipping and Mailing Practices in Product Fulfillment

Very Long Journeys

You might not think it, but mail can be a pretty hot topic with people. While global conflict, inflation, and the national economy can be more commonly found in today’s daily discussions, mentioning the mail can bring on equal parts praise and vitriol from a lot of people. You might not believe it, but the post is a real issue of debate!

The discussions about mail are always the same: it’s traditional and something we prize, but it’s also often slow and expensive, and sometimes we have important pieces of communication lost within its rather complex network of operations.

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The Great Post Debate: Thinking Practically About Courier and Mail in Product Fulfillment

Thinking Practically About Courier and Mail in Product Fulfillment

One Versus the Other

 There was Coke vs. Pepsi, then Burger King vs. McDonald’s, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings, and, for some, Lady Gaga vs. Madonna. When you’ve got two parties doing two similar things, it’s simply a matter of deciding which one is better.

Now before some of you dismiss these arguments as a matter of personal taste or as being trivial, there is some merit to these debates.

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Getting the Bigger and Better Clients in Product Fulfillment

Bigger and Better Clients in Product Fulfillment

Grand Royal

 If you’ve been in product fulfillment for a while, you are likely looking to work inside your comfort zone. In other words, you want to find a way to work on a regular basis that allows you to be the most effective you can be, while still bringing in the most profits you can. Pros are always looking to see what procedures are easiest for them, and then trying to perform those processes for as long as possible.

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Plus-Sized Success: Handling the Big Orders in Product Fulfillment

B2B direct marketing companies

The Bigger They Come

People today are pretty particular about all aspects of their lives. The obesity epidemic news of a half-decade ago has made us very careful about the food we eat and being more active, the news about today’s wars has made us more aware of social issues, and the memories of the recent global economic disaster have made us very financially observant, to say the least. If the days of wine and roses were once upon us, they have since passed.

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