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Helpful Resources for Product Fulfillment

logistics company in MiamiIt goes without saying that education is important, but is there no other way to learn? Is it possible to be knowledgeable about a subject in business without holding a degree for it?

The good news is that there is, especially for those in product fulfillment. With the abundance of resources available, it’s possible to educate yourself on a topic without foregoing work.

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Southern Sources: Why It Pays to Look to Florida for Product Fulfillment Success

Why it Pays to Look to Florida for Product Fulfillment Success

Agglomeration Economies

When we think of common business trends, location is hard to ignore. Movies in Hollywood, technology in Seoul, oil in Calgary—these places are practically defined by the industries that have formed there. It’s often unthinkable to imagine those areas in any other light besides what economies are based out of them.

There’s a necessity to be hip to this, too. A collection of businesses around a particular location-specific industry means that there is saturation, resources, and/or business interests there that can help companies related to that industry flourish even more, both internally and externally.

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Why Location Matters in Product Fulfillment


Follow the Money

There’s always the notion that with the smarts and know-how, you can do any kind of business anywhere—or rather, you can actually do really successful business anywhere. Making a business work is tough, but making it successful is another matter altogether.

This is a pretty decent theory to have, and it should be true: you ought to be able to do what you want well anywhere, be it a desert, arctic tundra, or some old residential area—anywhere you see fit. Alas, life is seldom so fair, and where you are located can make or break your business’ success in a big way.

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