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The Power of Proximity in Fulfillment

Fulfillment and DistributionCoffee giant Starbucks and British supermarket chain Asda almost simultaneously had success with a specific mobile marketing strategy. The concept, called “proximity targeting,” isn’t entirely new, but it is very powerful. Which is why fulfillment houses should use it to their own advantage.

Proximity targeting means creating specific ads for mobile media so when clients access them via their mobile device, they are guided to the nearest location of the particular company. In addition, the ad might make them entitled to a bonus at the physical location.

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5 Fulfillment Lessons from Black Friday

Black FridayBlack Friday 2014 had some interesting results, especially if you run a fulfillment business. Consider the following for your business, especially for when the next Black Friday comes along:

1. There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Prep

Black Friday is all about shopping and you need to be prepared; this means distributing all your direct marketing, both digital and print, well in advance. It’s important to advertise all of your promotions so it’s clear what you’re offering.

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How to Best Use Your Product Fulfillment Knowledge

Best Use Your Product Fulfillment KnowledgeIf you’ve been working in product fulfillment for a long time, your knowledge is a great boon to your business. Whether it’s the hardships of fulfillment orders, or the necessity of mail fulfillment, the information you’ve accumulated while using the Internet as a successful business venture makes you a valuable commodity to both your business and those of others.


First, you must assess your knowledge. What do you know? What have you done successfully?

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Practical Tips for Your E-Mail Marketing

Practical Tips for Your E-Mail MarketingWhen incorporating direct sales and marketing services into your product fulfillment business, it requires regular observation and maintenance. However, this can be difficult if you’re new to e-fulfillment services; it’s often not as simple as people think, requiring both knowledge and proper execution technique. Here are some tips to help make your e-mail marketing more effective.

Necessary Steps

While it would be ideal if e-mail marketing functioned identically to traditional mail fulfillment, the Internet aspect can cause problems, such as send-outs being listed as spam and failing to reach inboxes.

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Global Business in Product Fulfillment

logistics companiesIn product fulfillment, thinking globally is important. While some businesses might do well sticking close to home, most have to think about where else in the world is going to bring them profit.

When taking their business global, those in product fulfillment have a lot to consider. Whether dealing with product shipping fulfillment or sending and receiving products via the post, there are several things to keep track of and many aspects that require insight to be successful.

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Outside the Box: Getting Creative with Product Fulfillment

Getting Creating with Product Fulfillment

New Wave

There’s the left vs. right brain debate; there are those who take the arts and humanities route while others do math, sciences, or trades; there are the people who go out of their way to break policy and those who actually function well within it.

When all is said and done, working at any job is a bit of a high-wire act between conforming to certain ideals and trying to incorporate one’s own ideals, effectively breaking certain conventions.

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To the Letter: Knowing All the Ins and Outs of Professional Printing in Product Fulfillment

Knowing All the Ins and Outs of Professional Printing in Product Fulfillment

Magic Ink

 The publishing world appears to be getting a little more technical—or rather, technological. There seems to be a shift from the old printing services we’ve grown accustomed to since days gone by to electronic print media. Now, we’ve got pop-up ads online and e-books with complete novels that are easier to carry in your back pocket than a paperback. It seems like the microprocessors have conquered another landscape, and the printing business is its new terrain.

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