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How to Improve Value Shipping in Fulfillment

Shipping FulfillmentWhile it’s true that you have to make sure your fulfillment company’s shipping methods are in top order, there’s also a need to build up your shipping as a valuable branding tool.

Whether they realize it or not, people often see shipping as an incentive for buying product, basing their buying decisions on whether they can get merchandise quickly.

But there is an art to offering “value shipping.” Here are some useful tips and techniques from the experts.

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Lessons from Fulfillment Veterans

APS FulfillmentIt’s been reported that retail juggernaut Wal-Mart has stepped up its fulfillment solutions in an attempt to go head-to-head with major competitor Amazon.

The times are indeed changing, both for retail and for business-to-business fulfillment. Wal-Mart is now under pressure and they may not come out on top. Either way, some of their new methods should be noted buy other fulfillment centers.

Here’s five things you can learn from Wal-Mart to stay on top of your fulfillment game:

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Balancing Fulfillment Personnel and Technology

APSFulfillment 10.02.14In product fulfillment, there have never been more advantages to using technology to improve a business. However, that doesn’t mean that technology can entirely replace human beings. A successful product fulfillment business will employ the proper balance between technology and personnel.

Keep It Technical

Technology most benefits areas like pick-and-pack fulfillment and kitting and assembly, the components of fulfillment that involve moving larger objects.

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Signs to Change Your Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain ServicesThere may be times when the cracks start to show in your business and you aren’t providing or receiving the best services possible. One area where this may happen is your supply chain services. If your partners are starting to display problems, they need to be addressed immediately.

Signs and Symptoms

Recently, Target Canada revealed that since its inception, there have been problems with its supply chain companies.

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Logistics Considerations for Product Fulfillment

Logistics Considerations for Product FulfillmentIn product fulfillment, logistics and fulfillment shipping can throw businesses a lot of curveballs. While you should theoretically be able to ship anything to anyone, anywhere, there are actually a lot of things to consider which can affect your logistics work. That’s why, when it comes to logistics in product fulfillment, you have to think fast.

Price to Pay

When it comes to logistics solutions for product fulfillment, you often have to think ahead about what you’ll need and what could go wrong, as well as the related costs.

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Keeping Your Product Fulfillment Business Legal

product fulfillment companiesIn recent years, the media has seen a greater focus on dishonest business practices in the form of reality shows and documentaries. This interest is understandable; people both want to know they aren’t getting fooled themselves and enjoy seeing criminals get caught.

But many times, those criminals aren’t malicious, but simply ignorant, in trouble only because they weren’t familiar with the laws in relation to their business. This is no different for those in product fulfillment, who need to keep their business on the straight and narrow at all times. By doing so, you will save time and money and protect your business’ legitimacy.

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Proper Security Measures in Product Fulfillment

shipping fulfillment

Better Safe than Sorry

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve seen a lot of stories about the weather. Be it snowstorms, crazed weather patterns, or sudden thaws, even if you don’t live where they hit, you get a sense of how harsh Mother Nature can sometimes be. The lesson such weather teaches us is simple: we have to be prepared for the worst.

Those in product fulfillment need to keep this lesson in mind, as their business needs to remain as safe as possible. That means taking proper measures to keep valuable materials secure.

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Dealing with Larger-Sized Products and Services in Product Fulfillment

warehousing and storage

Going Big

As one refugee from 1980s Hollywood noted, when life exceeds your dreams, that’s when you lose control. What this means is that one has to be prepared for bigger things in life so they can be properly managed.

If you work in product fulfillment, you have experience with “bigger things:” big orders, big client numbers, and especially big products being sold. And if a business fails to transition to handling bigger work, it’s not uncommon for that business to go under.

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Where to Go for Third-Party Assistance in Product Fulfillment

Third-Party Assistance in Product Fulfillment

No Shame at All

It’s great, and sometimes even odd, when you discover a talent. Ex-007 Roger Moore is noted to have impressed a crew on one of his later James Bond films with his truck-driving skills, something he learned as a struggling actor. Crime writer Raymond Chandler, originally an executive and now considered one of history’s best writers, managed to find a talent for writing when forced to during the Great Depression. Music producer Berry Gordy failed at both marriage and record store operation, but used the production tactics he learned from the Ford Plant to create the famous Motown Records. When you find that thing that makes you something special, it defines you.

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