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How to Overcome the Logistics Challenges for Small Business

logistics companySmall and new fulfillment companies often struggle when trying to establish their logistics strategies. Shipping can be a challenge, with a lot of potential issues that can cause confusion and possible damage to your company.

These days, any information that can help small businesses to improve their logistics and shipping services is useful. Here are a few common suggestions to help you out:

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A Rough Guide to M-Commerce

A Rough Guide to M-CommerceNot even Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, could have imagined today’s technology. It seems all members of society now have the cool gizmos that Mr. Bond would have once used to save the world. Seemingly everything is now available in the palm of your hand.

This is the primary aspect of the newest form of online business: mobile commerce, or “m-commerce,” wherein people make purchases on their tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. If you have been having issues with e-commerce fulfillment and you’re concerned the addition of m-commerce will only make things more difficult, don’t worry; it’s not that hard to incorporate.

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How Further Education Can Better Your Product Fulfillment Business

e-commerce fulfillmentWhile spending your summer in a classroom might not seem very exciting, furthering your education can greatly benefit your product fulfillment business. There are a lot of interesting courses to take, many of which can easily be made to fit within your schedule.

Higher Learning

As you’re already employed in product fulfillment, you don’t have the time to go back and earn your MBA. That’s why continuing education exists, allowing you to work and study at the same time.

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How to Offer Fast Services in Product Fulfillment

fulfillment solutions

Needed it Yesterday

Ours is a world of cellphones, high-speed Internet, and fast computer-processing speeds. If you pick up the phone, you can order a pizza that arrives within 30 minutes or have flowers delivered before the end of the day.

Are we living in a supersonic age? The answer is “absolutely!”

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Between the Lines: Self-Education in Product Fulfillment

Self-Education in Product Fulfillment


The teachers of the past who sought to further educate the world seem to have gotten their wish. With nearly 5,000 degree-granting universities in the U.S. today and a similar number of post-secondary schools in smaller countries like South Korea and Japan, there seems to be no shortage of education facilities. If you have a hankering for learning, there’s likely more than one institution nearby that can help you.

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