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Why Choose Order Fulfillment over Drop Shipping?

order fulfillmentGetting products to clients is the prime job of any fulfillment service. But the question is how to do it. A lot of fulfillment companies wrestle with which service to use to ship their products out.

The two most common means are currently order fulfillment and drop shipping. However, it is still up for debate which one is better. Retailers should weigh the pros and cons of both to determine which option is best for them.

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Proper Security Measures in Product Fulfillment

shipping fulfillment

Better Safe than Sorry

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve seen a lot of stories about the weather. Be it snowstorms, crazed weather patterns, or sudden thaws, even if you don’t live where they hit, you get a sense of how harsh Mother Nature can sometimes be. The lesson such weather teaches us is simple: we have to be prepared for the worst.

Those in product fulfillment need to keep this lesson in mind, as their business needs to remain as safe as possible. That means taking proper measures to keep valuable materials secure.

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