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Answering the Demand of Today’s Fulfillment Customers

order fulfillmentFulfillment clients have never been more lucky given the amount of consumer freedom they have. A lot of fulfillment services are scared they will fail to meet this demand, causing clients to go elsewhere. But that’s not the attitude to have. After all, if consumers have such power, why not go the extra mile for them? You’re all about fulfillment, and doing just that is a great way to show how skilled and professional your business is. Here’s what you need to know.

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5 Fulfillment Lessons from Black Friday

Black FridayBlack Friday 2014 had some interesting results, especially if you run a fulfillment business. Consider the following for your business, especially for when the next Black Friday comes along:

1. There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Prep

Black Friday is all about shopping and you need to be prepared; this means distributing all your direct marketing, both digital and print, well in advance. It’s important to advertise all of your promotions so it’s clear what you’re offering.

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Importing Tips for Product Fulfillment

Importing Tips for Product FulfillmentThere’s always a market for imported specialty goods. However, changes to importing laws are stymieing a lot of people involved in the merchandise fulfillment importing process.

Once these laws are on the books, you, as the importer, have to be ready to determine how these regulations will affect your ability to acquire and sell imported goods. You may even have to revise your fulfillment service to accommodate these new laws.

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Why Location Matters in Product Fulfillment


Follow the Money

There’s always the notion that with the smarts and know-how, you can do any kind of business anywhere—or rather, you can actually do really successful business anywhere. Making a business work is tough, but making it successful is another matter altogether.

This is a pretty decent theory to have, and it should be true: you ought to be able to do what you want well anywhere, be it a desert, arctic tundra, or some old residential area—anywhere you see fit. Alas, life is seldom so fair, and where you are located can make or break your business’ success in a big way.

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