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Maintaining Retail-E-Commerce Fulfillment Duality

distribution fulfillmentIt’s possible you prefer to sell products via mail or a local outlet while being aware of the increase in favor for e-commerce fulfillment services. Both have equal advantages and disadvantages, so which do you choose? The answer is both.

Not only is it possible to amalgamate mail-retail fulfillment with e-fulfillment services, but it’s actually a great way to diversify your operations and increase profits.


If you already understand retail and mail fulfillment solutions, you’re halfway there; now you just have to incorporate digital fulfillment.

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How to Meet Client Demands in Product Fulfillment

Demands in Product FulfillmentThe worst thing that can happen in any business, including product fulfillment, is a failure to meet the needs of clients. But what many in product fulfillment don’t know is that there are many tools in place to ensure this never happens and that customer order fulfillment is always met.


Over the last few years, a lot of surveys have been conducted to see where product fulfillment businesses are failing, analyzing everything from online fulfillment to direct mailing services.

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Finding the Best Picking Fulfillment Technologies

mail order fulfillmentLike any business, product fulfillment is susceptible to outside influence. Things can go wrong at any point of the product fulfillment process, which means you need to be ready to deal with problems at all times.

Implementing new efficiency measures can help to prevent any issues. Depending on the size of your business, you might be looking at a full-scale implementation of new tech within your order fulfillment center to ensure clients receive items on time. If you are doing pick-and-pack orders, this technology can be an especially big help.

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Making Great Joint Partnerships in Product Fulfillment

direct marketing groupThe best jobs are the ones where you’re doing what you love and create a sense of accomplishment. However, there are some things you simply can’t accomplish alone. Whether it’s due to time or physical limitations, there’s no shame in sometimes needing help.

When it comes to product fulfillment, there are a lot of jobs to do, and they can pile on quick; that’s why you have to know who to turn to for help. One option to consider is a joint partnership. A joint working relationship not only keeps your working operations in check, but opens up new ones as well.

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Forming the Best Business Partnerships in Product Fulfillment

fulfillment companies

Joined at the Hip

While we all desire ultimate freedom, there are times where we still need the help of others. If you’re in product fulfillment, associating with others is not only necessary, but also a matter of good business. No matter what part of the industry you operate in, your goal is to get products to your clients. Your partnerships ensure that your business’ success continues.

Associations in product fulfillment mean being joined at the hip with other businesses, almost like parts of an assembly line.

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Going the Distance in Product Fulfillment Distribution

distribution warehouse

Hard to Find

You may have often heard “back in the day” speeches from your elders. While these tales may be a bit far-fetched and/or exaggerated, they may inadvertently mention products or services that were not readily available at the time: music fans ordering albums only available overseas, guitarists in the UK paying sailors money to bring back an electric guitar from the U.S., and even famous novels and films being smuggled into countries where they were banned or not on the market due to legal issues.

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When Life Gives You Lemons: How to Deal with Common Product Fulfillment Problems

How to Deal with Common Product Fulfillment Problems

Bitter Lemons

You often hear sad stories about someone that wound up with a “lemon”—a common term for bad products or services who are said to be great, but then aren’t up to snuff.

Sometimes, the lemons aren’t that large, like a broken smartphone that is easily replaced, and sometimes the lemon is large and can cause horrible accidents, such as a poorly made car with faulty airbags. But whether the lemon is big or small is irrelevant; what’s important is knowing they exist and, like it or not, you might end up with the next one.

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