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5 Simple Ways to Improve Multichannel Fulfillment Marketing

Direct Marketing SystemsSome businesses do their marketing only one way, and that works for them. However, most fulfillment companies need to market across a variety of channels in order to attract clients.

Luckily, multichannel marketing isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it. Here are five simple ways to improve on it:

1. Use Google Shopping

Formerly known as Google Products, this utility is a tool that sees companies can pay to list their products on Google’s shopping service. This allows users to compare prices, thereby providing useful knowledge about the competition and their marketing techniques.

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The Impact of the iPhone 6 in Product Fulfillment

The Impact of the iPhone 6 in Product FulfillmentWhen Steve Jobs passed away almost three years ago, many thought that’d be the end of Apple releasing breakthrough products. But strong legacies survive, and now Apple has released the iPhone 6. This product will affect fulfillment companies in a positive way; it’s just a matter of adapting to new tech. 


As one might imagine, the new iPhones are a bit different from the previous models.

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