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To Hire or Not to Hire in Product Fulfillment

Hire in Product Fulfillment

Hired Help or Hired Headache?

With a New Year upon us, it’s time for a fresh start for your business. However, your ability to implement changes may be limited by what you can do on your own. In a lot of cases, you’re going to need more help.

But you’re not foolish—you want the best help you can get. However, there is assistance for hire out there that might not be what they say they are, yet still want to charge you huge fees for their services. That’s why, when considering help, you need to do some serious analysis, both of your business and of potential hires.

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Experimenting to Increase Success in Product Fulfillment

creative direct marketing

New Opportunities

Inspiration is contagious. When we hear about a fantastic new creation made through hard work and perseverance, it lights the fire of inspiration and makes us want to do the same.

However, successful inventors are a minority. For every one useful new invention, there are hundreds more that failed. The fear of failure is powerful, leading many people with fresh ideas to not even bother trying and sticking to routine.

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Done Directly: Direct Marketing Tips for Today’s Product Fulfillment Pros


Old, But New

So…what’s left? Door-to-door sales? Well, people get pretty angry when you do this. Send out some fancy telegrams to rouse sudden business interest? Nope: Western Union saw an end to that almost 10 years ago, and now e-mail is the norm. Cold calling? Better check the privacy laws, as some people could get angry if you pull this stunt over their dinnertime.

It seems like a lot of business practices have fallen by the wayside or radically changed.

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