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9 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Instead of E-Mail Marketing

direct mailIt might be hard to believe that, even in this day and age, direct mail still has a purpose. After all, with the current move to digital, it might be shocking to learn that direct mail marketing has a place.

You might have heard the usual criticisms of direct mail: high front-end costs, low returns, and wasted paper. However, here are nine good reasons why direct mail marketing is beneficial to fulfillment businesses:

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About Fulfillment Payment Options

E-commerce FulfillmentWhile cash and checks may still be viable options, if you’re working in fulfillment, you have to employ the best payment tools and options available.

You want to make sure you get paid in the most safe and secure fashion possible, but you also want to give your clients the best means of paying you. Customers appreciate having easy payment interfaces and will be more likely to use your fulfillment company again if they have that kind of flexibility. Below explains how to have options that are secure, easy, and quick.

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Simple Ways to Improve Client Fulfillment Demands

Fulfillment DemandsWith the holidays here and 2015 just around the corner, you can bet that fulfillment clients have some high demands. Not only do they want gifts for their friends and family in time for Christmas, but they want new, impressive products and services for the New Year.

This may sound challenging, and if you run a fulfillment company, you’re likely already busy just trying to meet current demands. But meeting increased demand is actually quite doable; it’s just a matter of expanding your repertoire.

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New Advances in Fulfillment Printing

APSFulfillmentWith winter approaching, fulfillment companies are gearing up for a busy season. One thing that accompanies this increase in work is the need for demand printing solutions. If you’re performing fulfillment, you can bet that catalogues, flyers, promo mailings and other paper-based forms of promotion are going to be needed. Luckily, the world of printing has some new developments to help your out.

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The Value of a Product Fulfillment Video

Product Fulfillment VideoVideo is capable of entertaining, inspiring, and influencing us in ways most other media cannot. Thus, with such importance and demand, there’s a constant need to create more. For those in product fulfillment, this is your cue to create videos that can help promote or represent your business.


Planning out and producing a video isn’t difficult. Start by determining what you want your video to show; there has to be a point to someone watching a piece about your product fulfillment business.

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