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Shipping FulfillmentWhile it’s true that you have to make sure your fulfillment company’s shipping methods are in top order, there’s also a need to build up your shipping as a valuable branding tool.

Whether they realize it or not, people often see shipping as an incentive for buying product, basing their buying decisions on whether they can get merchandise quickly.

But there is an art to offering “value shipping.” Here are some useful tips and techniques from the experts.


Let’s Make a Deal

Like any marketing, you need to have deals in place to give clients a bit of a push towards making a purchase. Thankfully, there are lots of options. If viable, free shipping is a good one, especially over a set period of time. You can also go a step further by determining a way to offer free shipping to the likes of overseas clients, regular buyers, people who purchase a specific product, or buyers of a large quantity of goods.

This notion usually leads to the creation of a loyalty program wherein you offer free shipping and other complimentary services, such as kitting and assembly, to members. Of course, if you’re going to offer these programs and subsequent shipping services, you have to be able to live up to the shipping promises you make.

By Your Side

When it comes to shipping, most fulfillment companies realize that in order to have better value shipping, they need the right partner. That’s because unless you’re a large-scale operation, it’s too big of a job to handle entirely in-house.

Potential good partners for shipping solutions include reputable logistics companies, supply chain services, or warehouses; you just need to check if they have the necessary extra services, such as temperature-controlled units and discount overstock to offer clients. Your shipping network should have a lot of connections, from distribution to mail services, that you can mine for additional services that will entice customers.

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