Lost package

Products are always on the move, which means things will go wrong along the way. This could be a defect in its production at the factory, an organic component expiring, or damage while being shipped.

In product fulfillment, successful delivery of products is the lifeblood of a business. That’s why if a client orders something and it turns up damaged, you can bet there will be a complaint. And if that happens, it’s up to you to rectify it.

If It Ain’t Broke

Dealing with damaged and defective products begins and ends with your shipping and logistics solutions. Based on these, your business will either have to mitigate the problem itself or pass the problem off to a third party.

Proper order fulfillment and a good processing system that provides order confirmations and invoices are necessities. With today’s reliance on digital media, electronic invoices and/or receipts sent to clients via e-mail are the ideal forms of shipping confirmation. Clients should also be provided with tracking information so they can keep tabs on where their product is, even if you are using mailing fulfillment services.

It also helps to have some sort of insurance policy prepared for when products get lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit. A lot of businesses include this as a mandatory part of their service fees while others make it optional.

When it comes to other damage or errors, sometimes you’ll have no choice but to fix the problem on your own. For example, if there were issues with your kitting assembly and a client didn’t get what they were supposed to, send it to them with an extra gift, such as coupons, as compensation and to apologize for the error. And if the product is damaged once they receive it, be ready to have it sent back for inspection and have the means to refund fees quickly.

Shipping and Handling

In fact, giving the clients options on how they want to have products shipped, including the aforementioned optional insurance, is a good way to properly handle any damage that could happen. Also, by placing the decision in the hands of the client, less blame can be placed on your business if there are any problems.

Bad things can happen and products can get broken mid-delivery, but you can overcome this by working out your shipping methods for product fulfillment in advance.

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