While product fulfillment technology is good and gets a lot of your product fulfillment jobs done speedily, sometimes there are just some jobs that even the best computers can’t handle. Those really big product fulfillment projects that require a lot of material and production need to have the right human eye to make sure they are completed on time and delivered to the right people. APS Fulfillment, Inc (APS) understands this and keeps on hand a great staff of manual fulfillment pros who can handle your entire fulfillment project, no matter what size it is. This is called “hand fulfillment.” It’s how APS adds the human touch to make our customer service the best.

APS’ hand fulfillment team has the right training and understanding of manual fulfillment to handle your large-sized product fulfillment projects with care and efficiency. We take on the entire task, oversee its production, and make sure it gets to the right people, with full monitoring along the way. Our team understands all of the duties of large product fulfillment projects and executes them down to the tiniest detail, right on schedule.

Got a big project that needs some real human and professional assistance? APS has it, all in-house.

Data processing and forms management

Today, it’s all about the data. In the fast-paced and highly digitized business world, you must have the right data to make sure transactions get done correctly and records are kept without hassle. But it’s a tough job managing all of these facts, figures and information bits. Read More »

High speed inserting, selective inserting, and intelligent gathering

Along with our printing and hand fulfillment services, APS Fulfillment, Inc (APS) has the right high-volume services to help you with your more complex mailings.

With your business, your promotional and marketing material packages can get pretty thick. Not only that, but a particular package has specifics as to content, layout, and what inserts or promotions you want to include. In fact, some of your bigger packages have multiple or a high volume of inserts that can be tough to organize, and need specific care to ensure they are done properly. Read More »

List processing, hygiene, enhancement, and pre-sorting

When your house and client information lists get bigger, it’s a sign of success. But if they get even bigger, your lists can get confused and disorganized and can even be debilitating to your business. If your client list database falters, your business services can fall terribly short. Read More »