Cross-Channel AnalyticsThere are so many ways to deal with clients: via mail, a web site, the phone, social media, mobile apps, and any combination of the above. With so much activity, you might be wondering how each is faring.

So how do you find out? With cross-channel analytics. These help you measure the results of your multi-channel operations, as well as plan for the future. Here’s what you need to know.


If you perform e-commerce fulfillment or manage a multi-channel e-fulfillment service, cross-channel analytics help you examine those channels and break down the results.

When it comes to online fulfillment, you can use cross-channel analytics to see which of your marketing materials are most successful at attracting an audience. The analytics will tell you which content is being clicked on the most and which clients respond to.

You can also see which combination of channels produces the best conversions, also known as “funnel analysis.” This is a part of some of the best direct marketing strategies, with Facebook and Twitter ads or SEO and PPC together potentially being the most successful funnels.


Cross-channel analytics programs are worth it if only to help organize your marketing. Based on what you learn from those analytics, you can potentially predict what new marketing materials your clients might like and what to offer them in the future.

If you’re looking for a good cross-channel analytics program, it’s best to find a digital direct marketing firm that specializes in such programs. These businesses have the technology and solutions to help you integrate all your marketing channels into one analytics system. There are quite a few firms out there, so when searching, check for ones with good reputations with data-based clients; they likely have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

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