Supply Chain CompaniesThe fact is that too many in product fulfillment don’t make the most of the summer season. Yes, enjoying the weather is important, but the season also possesses great business potential. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to enjoy summertime success.

‘Tis the Season

In truth, it’s not summer so much that you have to concern yourself with; it’s fall. Even before August ends, you have to start thinking about upcoming fall events: back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas. These are busy times, making them ripe with business opportunities.

What does this mean for product fulfillment? First off, supply chain companies should be ready to accommodate your product lines and higher level of activity for the busy periods between August and December. It sounds obvious, but too many businesses have failed to prepare and had to deal with distribution and fulfillment services that weren’t up to snuff, resulting in chaos and failed deliveries and tarnishing those business’ reputations. There’s no need for these issues, especially when they can be addressed during the summer lull.

Even more important is that you ace your direct marketing and sales materials. Again, summer is often a quiet period, so you can take your time to create exceptional marketing paraphernalia, as well as a schedule that covers everything from seasonal deals to B2B direct marketing campaigns.

Get Noticed

But while its main use is preparation, don’t fail to use summer to do business too. Use this period to test promos; people are out and about more when the weather is nice, so they’ll be more likely to notice deals. Also do summer-centric offers, such as holiday weekend discounts. It’s summer, so don’t just get out there and get some sun; get out there and get some profits as well!

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