APSFulfillment-06-27-13If you’re involved with product fulfillment, it goes without saying how important your catalogs are. They display your goods for the public’s eyes, and they attract many clients as a result. Your catalogs are integral to your success—there’s no question about it.

But there can be times when you issue catalogs to the public that don’t achieve much response from clients—either old or new. There’s something not working with your latest catalogs, and it isn’t going over well with the public. As a result, you find your product fulfillment business suffering.

When it comes to product fulfillment catalogs, there has to be a new element of magic to each one you issue. Your catalogs have to have an appeal to your clients, both new and prospective, that motivates them to want to purchase from your product line. Of course, saying that your catalogs need some magic and actually creating that magic are two different things, with the latter being potentially hard to achieve.

Getting some magic, some appeal, and some flair into your catalogs is no easy task, but there are several ways to take your approach. It will require a bit of elbow grease and brainwork, but once you sit down and get your creative juices flowing, you can recreate your concepts for your product fulfillment catalogs.

What’s Inside

Your catalogs are displaying your product fulfillment products, and so they have to be approached with the concept of what is going to make catalog buyers purchase your catalogs and then purchase your products. That’s your two-fold marketing scenario. From that concept comes the job of planning your creative execution for your new catalogs.

Right away, you will need to have a completely new design and layout plan. Rightly or wrongly, trends change faster than you think, and so it’s important that your product fulfillment catalogs look contemporary and fresh—appealing to today’s buyers’ eyes. No recycled layouts and designs can be used as a corner-cutting option here. This might mean you should even think about the media of your catalogs, such as a digital format or an exclusive glossy magazine.

You are likely working in a specific niche and brand-marketing realm of product fulfillment as well, so make sure your catalogs reflect that in terms of showcasing your products. If your business is in sports gear products, having the right images of athletes or sporting events in the body of your catalogs is a must. If your business is in furniture, then having loud, flashy graphics or gonzo copy won’t cut it compared to more subdued images and well-written content for your catalogs. This sort of thinking needs to be in place when you prepare your catalogs for each new release. Your clients are looking for something in the catalogs that will make them want to buy.

Fresh and New

On the business end of reinventing your catalogs, having a new circulation planning idea might help a lot, too. By creating a new-release campaign or distribution idea, you can generate a lot of new interest in your business. This could be a limited pre-order campaign for existing clients or a new niche and brand marketing campaign to attract new clients, for example.

Catalogs for product fulfillment are a lot of work, but they really are treasure chests that can bring in the client interest. Keeping them fresh and contemporary for each new release is an excellent way to show your clients that you have a great business with great products to offer. In the end, treating your treasure chests with respect means that you can bring in more financial treasures for you and your business.

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