Product Fulfillment Catalogues

Holiday Joy

Halloween is coming, with Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s to soon follow. The holiday season is approaching, giving people a reason to celebrate. And these celebrations usually include the giving of gifts.

Concerns about overconsumption aside, it’s a fact that most people enjoy buying things. Whether it’s books, fancy rims for their car, or designer handbags, most people have one or two luxury items they couldn’t resist buying. There’s nothing wrong with this, so long as you spend within your limits.

What really draws people to buy is seeing the products themselves, either physically or through images. The classic example of this is the product line or department store catalogue. You’ve more than likely known the pleasure that comes from combing through a catalogue’s pages and spotting an item that appeals to you.

The catalogue is even a joy for product fulfillment pros, as it’s how they showcase their wares and entice their customers to buy their products. The product fulfillment catalogue is a major business tool and needs to be taken seriously, and creating one takes hard work, consideration, and care.

Quality Control

There’s no such thing as making a catalogue in product fulfillment that’s too high in quality; if you’re going to put one together, it’s got to be top-notch. That said, there is a lot of architecture before putting it together.

Consider both time and what you’re selling before you get started. You want to put your catalogues out at the right time, such as before the holidays, so that clients can make their orders well in advance. What you’re offering, meanwhile, will depend on your supply chain services. Make sure to only advertise what you can actually offer, or potential clients may mistake your business for a scam.

The planning and building of your catalogue comes next. Since you’re basically making a book, it has to have common book sections: a cover page, a table of contents, product categories, an index if necessary, and an area at the back for clients wishing to do order fulfillment, such as a mail card. It’s all a part of creative direct marketing, and it can even be a lot of fun.

You can also include graphics, special promos, and short product description blurbs. Just make sure your catalogue’s design is consistent throughout and does not contain any extraneous material, such as editorial content. If you need references for what a good catalogue should look like, seek out examples from a business center, graphic design firm, or a competitor in your field.

Formatting for Success

In product fulfillment, you’ll likely finish designing your catalogue, send your galleys off to a digital printing service, and get them back in full paper form. Just make sure you consider your postal logistics before sending, making sure you have the cash to cover their postage.

For some new formatting ideas and ways to keep costs down, consider going the digital route, too. You can create a good catalogue on digital editing programs, then send them out to clients electronically. Great catalogues have been made in both formats, and either could lead to success for you and your business.

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