Fulfillment CenterFulfillment has become even more multifaceted. There’s online order fulfillment, face-to-face retail services, and social media, amongst other aspects. However, more aspects mean more potential issues. That’s why many fulfillment centers now need to segment their fulfillment operations to improve how they conduct business while still meeting client expectations. Succeeding at this allows businesses to continue functioning and satisfying customers while avoiding the perils caused by a lack of structure.

Product Lines

Many fulfillment and retail centers have posted infographics about their ideal segmentation. While it’s worth noting that one size doesn’t fit all with any fulfillment company, these graphics do offer the basics about how you can break down your own business.

The most essential departments are a warehouse, a sorting center, and a parcel packaging and delivery center—the basic model for a regular fulfillment business. But depending on the type of products you provide, you may also want to include a kitting department or assembly area, with the overall warehouse-to-delivery structure remaining the same. It goes without saying that you still have to incorporate the best personnel and management departments possible, as well as quality software for logistics, inventory, and receiving and executing orders.

Behind the Scenes

You’ll also need the right behind-the-scenes segmentation. As good as you might be at reorganizing your product order and delivery services, you still need the other peripheral services functioning properly.

You’ll require some sort of client management services that integrates mail, telephone, and electronic communication. It’s not uncommon for fulfillment houses to split their client management sector into specific departments, such as sales, collections, and complaints, or absorb them into other departments to address particular issues.

Business analysts have said that this is the year that fulfillment companies will begin to take their businesses internationally. However, this will likely entail having an international fulfillment department skilled in cross-border sales, regulations, and trends.

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