APSFulfillment-07-23-13Out of the Doldrums

Aside from the occasional anomaly, the average person doesn’t like being bored. There’s unease, sadness, and an outright stagnation of mind when one gets bored. Whether people admit it or not, pretty much anything that’s produced from a bored state of mind isn’t going to be all that inspiring.

While we live in a visually and sonically stimulating time—often a bombardment to the senses—people tend to gravitate to the more creative aspects of modern life. They like creativity, and, in turn, they often want to do creative things themselves. Especially if you are your own boss in business, it’s important to get creative to inspire both your clients and peers alike.

Product fulfillment pros have to understand the importance of that appeal to clients. While there is a lot of routine to the trade, product fulfillment often requires an injection of creativity to make it continually appealing to the public. This has never been truer than in the modern digital age where product fulfillment pros have to deal with a ton of competition out there in order to be successful.

A lot of product fulfillment pros are at a loss when it comes to thinking creatively. They assume it’s all been done and that there’s nothing left to do to make their marketing more interesting. But product fulfillment can take on its own sort of creative direct marketing and bring about a lot of interesting new business outlets and opportunities than most people might have ever thought possible.

Bringing the Revival

When it comes to creative direct marketing in product fulfillment, it’s good to have the bounds. You want to try new ideas while still ensuring that your business continues being appealing to your clients—existing or potential—effectively maintaining and generating interest to purchase your products. If you think of Coca-Cola, Apple, or McDonald’s, they campaign with all kinds of wild new ideas, but those companies make sure that they keep within certain branding parameters, while still enticing the public to get in on quality products. Do the same for yourself.

First, look at your existing promotional material. Can the material be modified towards modern tastes, looks, or formats that would bring about renewed interest? This could be anything from changing the design of your mail material—flyers, packages, or catalogs among others—to what you put together for your bigger direct mailing packages. Adding a bonus item, coupon, or other promotional component to your kitting assembly or bigger mailings can do a lot to (re)pique the interest of your clients.

Second, look at your products themselves. They might be good, but there could be new ones to offer that would appeal to your client base. Get in touch with your supply chain companies or other product providers and pick their brains. If they are unveiling hip new products or even small promotional products, get more information—they might be something you could offer to your clients as limited-time offers, for example. These new products can really inspire people to make an order, and very quickly at that.

One last quick note: consider online strategies, too. If you haven’t already, get in on it—e-fulfillment services can trigger all kinds of great ideas to appeal to today’s clients. Changing the media you work in outright can really open up your mind to creative ideas.

Creative Associates Incorporated

When all is said and done, you might get to the point where you realize your creative well is running dry. Maybe you are scarred from past campaigns gone wrong, can’t come up with anything, or are just not that creative. Realizing these limitations is actually a good thing—it just means that you need some help. Save some cash and get some direct marketing assistance. Once you find the right folks to help you out, you’ve developed a creative association that will work well over the long term.

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