Getting Creating with Product Fulfillment

New Wave

There’s the left vs. right brain debate; there are those who take the arts and humanities route while others do math, sciences, or trades; there are the people who go out of their way to break policy and those who actually function well within it.

When all is said and done, working at any job is a bit of a high-wire act between conforming to certain ideals and trying to incorporate one’s own ideals, effectively breaking certain conventions. We often look to those times in history where certain luminaries in various fields took on certain established influences and began to construct their own creations using their original ideas. One famous instance was the French Nouvelle Vague (“New Wave”) of the 1950s and 1960s, which combined established movie trends with others outside their genre, like combining documentaries with the romanticism of literature and art. This style would come to influence a lot of movies in the decades later.

These days, product fulfillment pros have to create their own “New Wave” as well. Like the movies and scientific principles that came before, product fulfillment today has one foot in the past and the other in the future. It offers itself its own creative direct marketing and business practices that you really can’t get in any other business. If you’re a product fulfillment pro, you almost have to take up the creative reins in order to keep your business looking fresh and your clients interested. But even if you fear that you don’t have creative genes, don’t worry; while leading the New Wave of product fulfillment is a fun, challenging task, it’s also simpler than you think.

What’s New

Contrary to what some might say, people like surprises. For clients today, that means enjoying getting a jolt of something new that might entice them into forking out their hard-earned cash. Think of the fancy McDonald’s combo concoctions and Starbucks’ seasonal coffee flavors: people look forward to trying this stuff, and this simple change in the routine of their purchasing can brighten their day.

For product fulfillment pros, there are a great many options here. You can start with simple stuff like new designs in your promo material, including fancy paper types, graphic manipulations, or even a package mailing with a newsletter, coupons, and announcements. These lettershop services can make all the difference when your clients open their mailbox and a newly designed flyer appears that catches their eye.

Then there are the products you offer. Offering all sorts of promotions with samples of new products or gifts is a great way to whet the appetites of today’s clients. A lot of product fulfillment pros find ways to slip in bonus gifts to their assembly kitting, so when people get package mailings or product orders, there’s a surprise waiting for them. Bribery is never good, but there’s nothing wrong with a nice free gift to warm your clients up more to what you have to offer. In fact, they might take it as a gesture of appreciation and continue ordering from you.

Under Budget

Creativity is fun, but money is important. For product fulfillment, you can get into the creative direct marketing and other related practices all you want, but it’s smart to execute it while keeping an eye on the balance sheet, only acting on new ideas that you can afford to do properly. This is important for certain mail fulfillment projects you might want to launch, as the post can get pricey really fast when you start to incorporate new ideas into it.

One option here is the digital world. e-commerce fulfillment services offer all sorts of budget-friendly creative options, like inbox newsletters or web site promos that are simple to create while going easy on your finances. If you have the creative impulse, you should work on it—just have some dexterity as well.

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