grocery product fulfillmentIt shouldn’t be surprising in our current online era that grocery stores are making the leap to digital. This shift has already taken place in countries like France and Germany, and it is methodically making its way to North America. But as the demand for online solutions to a traditionally in-store consumer activity continues to grow, there have also been some early challenges to online grocery product fulfillment.

Online Grocery Product Fulfillment Challenges

The current online grocery market sits at approximately $23 billion. Some researchers have it jumping to $100.0 billion by 2019. That figure seems a bit ambitious, but it still shows that the market is indeed headed towards steady growth.

But there are a few challenges standing in the way of this industry really taking off. Some of the biggest roadblocks include:

  • Deciding Who Is Going to Pick and Assemble Orders: This consists of picking up to 30-plus items with varying temperatures in different areas throughout the storage facility. This has to be accomplished efficiently and accurately with little room for error.
  • Getting Orders to Customers Quickly and Efficiently: Delivering multiple products with different temperature specifications without damaging the items is a challenge in itself. Then doing so in a timely fashion only adds to the difficulty of the task. And justifying sending a truck to deliver orders when the truck isn’t full is another issue.
  • Behavior Change: Buying food in grocery stores or from physical merchant stands has been an ingrained behavior for nearly forever. The challenge is in convincing consumers that there is some tangible benefit to altering that behavior and shifting instead to making those purchasing decisions online. The quality of the food and overall service seems to be a main concern at this stage of the game.

Why Choose Our Imported Grocery Product Fulfillment Services

We recognize many of the challenges facing the online grocery industry. Our feeling is that as long as we can continue to provide a high quality of service that matches or exceeds the in-store experience, then consumers will have no issue with making the change. The convenience of online shopping is only a draw if companies can also deliver on the peripheral expectations, meaning food is still fresh, not damaged, and is the precise product consumers want.

APS Fulfillment, Inc. has the experience and the technical skills to make this work. We offer:

We are able to offer these services at a level that makes customers comfortable with ordering their groceries online. Our clients trust us to satisfy their customers. The best thing to do is contact us now. We’ll answer all the questions you have about online grocery product fulfillment.