fulfillment and distributionPeople have always desired specialty items. And if they’re what people want, it stands to reason that providing them could be a great source of income. As a product fulfillment business that’s already providing products to consumers, offering specialty items doesn’t require too much extra effort. If this sounds like a profitable venture, be aware that there’s certain aspects of offering unique items that differ from selling more traditional items.

What and How

When it comes to specialty product fulfillment items, you only have to consider two things: what and how. You need to determine what would appeal to your clients based on your current offerings, then provide it.

This process begins with market research. If you’ve been following your direct marketing leads and tracking the results of your merchandise fulfillment, you likely already have some sense of what appeals to your clients. There’s still some risk involved—there’s no guarantee the special items will be well-received—but it’s simply a matter of seeing if you can accommodate those items based on your budget and your fulfillment and distribution capabilities.

How you offer these items is also very important, as some are rather large and you might require additional services, such as kitting and assembly. You may also need to receive clearance to import items that are restricted in certain countries. Shipping fees, containers, and order fulfillment methods should also be researched in depth before embarking on offering specialty items.

End Results

When all is said and done, the big question is if it’s worth the effort. The provision of specialty items can take a lot of work in terms of both marketing and order fulfillment, so after offering the service for a while, go over your books to see if it’s been profitable; if not, then obviously cease the service immediately.

Some in product fulfillment have noted that it’s best to offer these items during holiday seasons, when the interest for specialty items is higher. Use the results of your specialty efforts to help determine how and when you can offer specialty product fulfillment items to your clients and how profitable they will be.

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