Online FulfillmentWith fulfillment business picking up as the holidays approach, it’s time to look over your e-mails. You likely have an e-mail mailing list used to promote your product line and even offer promotions to boost sales. However, a closer examination is necessary to see if they are truly benefiting your e-commerce order fulfillment.

Desktop and Mobile

To better organize your e-mails, you need to divide them based on what products you are offering into multiple mailings; you don’t want a single e-mail overloaded with information. Also make sure your business is using quality copy and images, and if your business performs business-to-business (B2B) direct marketing, you might have to create special e-mails specifically for other businesses.

You’ve probably heard about the expansion of mobile commerce. For e-mails, this means that you have to make sure they can be viewed on both desktops and mobile devices. The concerns in this aspect of your e-commerce order fulfillment are twofold. First, you have to test your e-mails to make sure that orders can be placed on both platforms. Second, you should ensure that your web site and/or order fulfillment systems all have a mobile-friendly version.

Links and Likes

With the holidays coming, you’re likely going to offer a slew of promotions via promo codes, links, and the like. While this is beneficial—it helps drive e-commerce order fulfillment—there’s nothing worse than customers attempting to access them, only for the links to be dead or excessively embedded into the text or images, which can be confusing and damaging to your e-fulfillment service.

Again, you have to make sure your e-mails are structured so links are placed appropriately. If you have to space out a few different promos for different products, schedule them over a few different e-mails. This balance will help your clients make orders more fluidly and assist your fulfillment centers with determining and predicting what items are or will be the most popular.

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