Spreading the Wealth

When you’re good, you’re good.

A lot of pros don’t realize their talents enough. If you’ve been anything for years, from a plumber to a stockbroker to a farm machinery technician, and have achieved success, you are something that not all people are: skilled. You know the ins and outs of the business, how to troubleshoot problems for that particular job in a pinch, and can work your way around the position with little to no instruction. It’s something that people often don’t see in themselves until someone points it out to them.

In product fulfillment, you probably know that becoming skilled is no easy task; you have to learn to do a lot of jobs and master them over time. Only once you become successful at it—i.e., you derive a good living from what you do—are you truly skilled in a number of areas.

If this is you, then why not share what you know?

There’s always a need for useful information in any field, and product fulfillment is no exception. Therefore, the creation of a well-written, well-designed, and informative industry newsletter could be helpful to many others in the industry who are maybe seasoned or just starting out. Moreover, it can bring in extra financial success for you while making contacts with many in your field, creating success for everyone involved. 

Information Age

Putting together a good product fulfillment newsletter is a tough job. There are some better methods to use and some things to avoid. To get started, you have to begin with the newsletter itself.

Content in the information age is paramount. You need to have information, articles, and editorials that are relevant to the field itself. What should pros be seeing when they go looking for a warehousing company? What postal material tips can you pass on? Are there new laws that will make a product fulfillment service function better? Answers to these questions are all good content. Especially in today’s digital age, any relevant information about modern product fulfillment methods like e-commerce fulfillment or online direct marketing is very helpful to product fulfillment pros who are out in the cold on new media applications. Flagging contributions by associates can help here as it builds a reputation for your newsletter.

Your choice of format is also important these days. As mentioned above in regards to online direct marketing, it’s important to consider how you want to distribute your newsletter. While many still do the paper mail format, digital formats like e-newsletters may be more cost-efficient and easier for your readers to receive. 

Continual Rewards

There’s always the question of how you can make a solid dollar at doing a product fulfillment newsletter. Again, it’s tough, but not impossible.

Setting up a subscription service for a fee is beneficial. You have to canvass a bit, focusing on your associates and clients. But if you target certain pockets of potentially interested parties—for example, direct marketing services in Florida—you might get a positive response. Having a sample to give them can entice them even more.

Advertising space is good, too. A lot of magazines make very good coin by having like-minded pros advertise in their publications. Some warehousing or print-on-demand companies might be interested if you suggest to them that you can advertise their firms for competitive fees over a wide circulation. Going back to the location idea, direct marketing companies in Florida might show interest, too, as you can possibly improve their business if they advertise with you. In the end, if you consider the possibilities created by subscription and advertising fees, a well-crafted and informative product fulfillment newsletter offers all kinds of tangible rewards.

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