order fulfillment systemsIn product fulfillment, errors are just another part of the business. There are so many parts to a high-functioning product fulfillment business that things are just bound to go wrong at least once along the way.

If this happens to you, you need to be ready to act. By incorporating the philosophy of a business analyst, you can obtain a better idea of how to fix errors in your product fulfillment business and improve the company’s efficiency overall.


Business analysis is performed by examining four key areas: strategic planning, business model analysis, process design, and system analysis. Focusing on these areas can be tough, as you have to examine them all thoroughly.

In product fulfillment, while it’s key to focus on the four equally, begin with process design and system analysis. This prevents future issues with your order fulfillment systems, especially if you perform e-commerce fulfillment or e-fulfillment services. That’s because system analysis focuses on the technical aspect of your business and what errors you might be having in the technology you employ.

Your analyses of whatever processes need improvement are also important. For example, you might have issues with your shipping fulfillment and, after an extensive analysis, discover useful information, such as your tracking program being faulty or your shipping provider being underqualified. This sort of hard and fast information is vital for keeping your business sustainable for the long term.


As for strategic planning and business model analysis, these areas may require some help. Someone else who is more schooled in business analysis could bring new life to your product fulfillment business.

A good business analyst has a track record of making other businesses successful. For your product fulfillment business, you need an analyst that knows your industry; that’s familiar with all its components, from customer order fulfillment to the latest order fulfillment systems; and most importantly, can show you how to revise your strategies and business model, what new technologies to incorporate, and where to direct your funds for increased business performance. If feasible, consider hiring a great business analyst, even for only a short period, to see what they can bring to your business.

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