How to Take Advantage of Holidays and Festivities in Product Fulfillment

On the Horizon

Where did the summer go?

If you haven’t noticed, we’re now in the throngs of the leaves changing color, a bit more precipitation, and a drop in temperatures. Summer is behind us and winter is beckoning. Depending on your love of this sort of weather, you may or may not be enthusiastic.

If you work in product fulfillment, you should be viewing the new seasons with some enthusiasm. First off, you can get ready to spend some quality time with family and friends, and second, you’ve got some great business opportunities ahead of you.

The fall and early winter are a great source of business opportunities for those in product fulfillment. In the spirit of holiday fun, they can offer holiday-based specials to their clients. There’s also the option of presenting new product offers and creative services to clients, which will make them even happier.

With the holidays on the horizon, a mixture of hard work and fun is possible—but first, the business aspect…

Giving and Receiving

When it comes to the holidays in product fulfillment, you have to get ready. Looking ahead is necessary, as is sitting down with your order fulfillment center to plan ideas. You have to be sure to cover both direct marketing materials and product offerings, plus any specials or discounts you want to offer.

Direct marketing leads and/or your customer database need to be combed to see who you can send your promo material to; the earlier you do this, the better. It’s good to whet the appetites of your clients beforehand, allowing them to organize their buying schedules ahead of time. Some people swear by last-minute shopping, but as a business, you can’t depend on this philosophy for success.

Once you’ve nailed down the promo materials you are going to make and who you are going to send them to, employ lettershop services for holiday-themed promo material; consider orange flyers for Halloween and Santa-themed or religion-based graphics for Christmas. Large catalogs are also good, although you might wish to offer both electronic and paper formats. There’s no such thing as planning too much, but creating your promo material well in advance is key and should be made a priority.

The Holiday Rush

Once the business stuff is over, you can have some fun. Check your warehousing and distribution networks to see what gifts you might be able to offer clients as either order bonuses or simply to show appreciation for their patronage. Offer special services to clients that make high volume orders, such as product assembly, as another means of thanking them. You could even augment your web site material a bit with holiday-themed new colors or designs to help ring in the season and generate more interest in your business.

Incorporating aspects of the holidays into your product fulfillment work is always a great idea, as it can be enjoyable and boost your business. Customers like it, too, and they’ll appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to their shopping needs.

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