Third Party Product Fulfillment Pro

Remove Yourself from the Equation

In product fulfillment, things can get pretty hectic, and everything can become hard to handle. And if you’re operating your own business, it can be a huge responsibility to hold it all together.

There might come a time when you decide enough is enough. Doing all the cataloging, processing all the orders, and managing all of the lists among other jobs might wear you down so much that you find yourself in need of a different sort of job. You love product fulfillment, but need work that’s a bit less stressful.

Well, you’re in luck. Product fulfillment is one of the few fields that you can remove yourself from a bit without removing yourself from the industry outright. This can be done when you become a third party logistics, offering specialized assistance services to other product fulfillment pros—but with less of the stress.

Being in third party fulfillment means being slightly on the outside, managing your own business services, but having a little more relaxed control over what you do. You have options on how you want to work. It’s up to you to take advantage of those options and really take control of the fun of being in third party fulfillment.

What’s Expected

Making the move to third party fulfillment isn’t so tough. The first thing you need to do is set up your own operations—here, the trick is in deciding how you are going to operate.

One great way to go to the third party level is the storage and warehousing option. Here you can manage a property that can provide storage and warehousing for other product fulfillment pros. You keep their products under tight security while they compensate you for your service. This option has a lot of advantages since you’re just dealing with one area—one operation—and you can formulate a specific deal with each client.

However, having an added challenge might appeal to you. With just a little more elbow grease you can also offer services like pick and pack fulfillment, in which your storage clients can make orders for you to pick out their items for assembly into one product fulfillment package before shipping it out thereafter. You could even offer this as a special service in addition to storage, and get compensated even more.

To regress a bit, even offering a basic shipping fulfillment service on its own or with storage and warehousing are good options. You’ve likely been down the product fulfillment route of shipping and already know the ins and outs of it better than anyone. Using your knowledge and helping others with shipping can be most lucrative for you.

Go-To and Go-Between

The real beauty of being the third party of product fulfillment is its offering of autonomy and professionalism. Establishing yourself in any situation, be it pick and pack fulfillment or having a shipping warehouse, means you not only function on your own but have others seek you out for help. Just like seasoned computer programmers taking the private route after years of pounding it out in the office, product fulfillment pros have the ability to act as consultants, go-betweens, and go-to pros for all of the necessary information that any other product fulfillment pro might need. Product fulfillment can be nuts, but it doesn’t always have to be—being in the third party scenario can open up less stressful but still rewarding successes.

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