outsource fulfillmentFinances often determine a business’ future, and a lack of funds means a need to downsize. This is no different in product fulfillment. However, by determining which expenditures your business doesn’t truly need, you can get your finances back on track and simplify your business’ ability to achieve success.


Start by examining your balance sheets; you might discover areas of your business that you don’t need or are too expensive. However, it’s up to you to determine which expenses are worthwhile and which need to go.

Direct mail marketing services are a common victim of cost-cutting efforts, with many businesses replacing it with digital marketing. In truth, direct marketing is still a viable option, but it’s also costly. Furthermore, if you opt for more e-friendly marketing materials, you might see improved client responses. You don’t have to dump your direct marketing services entirely, but it may be worth briefly suspending them.

The larger aspects of your product fulfillment services also need to be examined. For example, many businesses use couriers for packages instead of cheaper postal logistics, as well as warehousing facilities that are larger than needed. There are in-house options for these that can save you some cash, such as storing your materials or doing your kitting assembly on-site.

Contact Contracts

A lot of people complain about today’s lack of job security. While this is a concern for people in certain fields, those in product fulfillment can use it to their advantage. Instead of binding yourself into expensive, long-term services, try to outsource fulfillment services based on a contract-to-contract basis. If you need print, warehousing, or kitting assembly services, do research into cheap but successful freelance service providers. These short-term commitments give you some freedom with your spending, helping you to reduce costs, as well as forge useful professional relationships.

Cutting costs in product fulfillment doesn’t need to happen often, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect any chance to streamline the process. By determining what you can cut and whose cheaper help you can call on, you stand to save your business even more money than before.

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