Customer Order FulfillmentWhile a bit of a buzzword, “transparency” is nonetheless an important term, if only because trust is hard to obtain these days. That’s why fulfillment companies have to work hard to create that trust by having some form of transparency in place so customers see that they are legitimate.

Here’s a short list of things to incorporate to create transparency in fulfillment:

1. Shipment Tracking

It’s one thing to place a product order, but it’s another to know where it’s heading. Clients are often looking at transportation logistics as a way that they can keep an eye on their order and its location. Make sure you have a shipment logistics tracking system in place for clients to utilize.

2. Safe Shopping

M- and e-fulfillment are all the rage, yet so many clients do not use them because they fear their personal information will be compromised. That’s why you have to make sure your online shopping system is safe and secure.

3. Transparent Pricing

The prices of your products need to be transparent, meaning they should be displayed and honest—no hidden fees! In addition, the products themselves should be offered directly from your business and not through a third party.

4. No Hidden Fees

Like with pricing, you must be upfront and honest regarding additional costs. That means customers must know before paying what shipping, handling, and postage will cost them.

5. Personal Support Services

Despite the amount of mechanical and technical media in fulfillment, many people still prefer the personal aspect, especially when things go wrong. Having a seasoned client order fulfillment center to troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently boosts your company’s credibility, as people will appreciate the trustworthy assistance.

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