supply chain servicesEven if your line of products is successful, there will occasionally be the need to change the lineup, both to appease your clients’ changing tastes and to broaden your business’ options.

However, changing your product lineup should be done after some careful consideration. Namely, you need to think in terms of what is feasible and what your clientele’s preferences are.


It’s likely that your customer order fulfillment services deal with one type of product and/or a single niche market. If so, you have to think within those confines in regards to what new products you can offer.

One obvious necessity is to examine both current and prospective supply chain services. These services often have catalogues or bulletins about new items, including those released with little fanfare that you may not have known about. Since there are many supply chain companies out there, be thorough in your search; if you’re located in the northern U.S., you may have to look as far as a fulfillment center in Florida to find your business’ ideal new products.

But what are the ideal products? When determining the answer, you have to keep in mind what you can afford, which older products you may want or need to stop carrying, what assembly or other services you will have to incorporate, and even if what you want to offer is legal in your state/country. Ultimately, if you’re going to augment your product line, you need to consider how to do so practically.

Best Interests

Once you’ve incorporated your new products, you need to test their potential for success by making them available to clients.

This can be done in the form of a promotion or sample included with proven products from your line, or through a survey to gauge client approval. You can also obviously track actual sales and other related finances, such as the cost of shipping fulfillment. Whichever way you choose to go about it, it’s vital that you determine what best serves your business’ interests and what clients like.

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