APSFulfillment 10.02.14In product fulfillment, there have never been more advantages to using technology to improve a business. However, that doesn’t mean that technology can entirely replace human beings. A successful product fulfillment business will employ the proper balance between technology and personnel.

Keep It Technical

Technology most benefits areas like pick-and-pack fulfillment and kitting and assembly, the components of fulfillment that involve moving larger objects. This is even more advantageous now that digital interfaces can be used.

Safety and health are a concern to workers, and this technology can make things safer for people while also completing tasks faster. Of course, this only applies if you implement a system that is reliable, protected from viruses, and can show detailed information to better control inventory, financial transactions, and more.

Human Touches

As useful as technology is, you still need people in fulfillment. Unless your inventory is so small that it’s a one-person operation, you have to employ people to complete certain tasks, not to mention that orders need to be compiled and signed off on. Logistics also need to be monitored and reported on by people familiar with logistics solutions. In addition, your warehousing and distribution needs to be monitored by people so that clients receive their orders in good condition.

What it often comes down to is management practices. You need to evaluate the scope of your operations and how big your business really is—and how big you want to make it. This will determine both what technology you need to invest in and which personnel are necessary, as well as the appropriate budget.

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