lettershop servicesMany small communities pride themselves on their independent businesses. This ideology is understandable, as many retail chains appear to lack the heart and individuality of mom-and-pop stores. Modern technology hasn’t helped in this regard, as now you can buy everything online without any human interaction.

However, this doesn’t have to apply to a product fulfillment business. Not only can product fulfillment display a lot of personality, but by showing that quaint humanity to clients, you may be able to generate greater profits.

Personal Touch

Start by determining the look of your marketing materials. This includes graphics, color schemes, logos, and other content unique to your business’ public appearance. Also keep in mind what aspect of your product fulfillment business the materials are promoting when designing them; lettershop services have to be promoted differently than e-fulfillment services, for example.

If you perform shipping fulfillment, you also have to make sure that products have similarly individualized labels, logos, and decals that clearly identify your business.

Power to the People

Your clients will often want personalized product fulfillment services that cater specifically to them. To distinguish yourself, you need to give customers the personal touch they want.

When offering professional digital printing, use up-to-date programs that do extravagant labeling, bindery, and embroidery that will make the material look extra special. You can also act as your own direct marketing agency and periodically send your fancy print materials to clients. You can also surprise them with the occasional free gift, which tells them that you are personally engaged and care about their business—it doesn’t take much to bring humanity to product fulfillment.

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