Any job worth doing is worth doing 100%. With mail and direct marketing material, too many companies that specialize in these fields don’t live up to this standard and cause a lot of agony to their clients with sloppy mailing production. But APS Fulfillment, Inc (APS) does more.

APS has been in the direct marketing field for a long time. As such, we understand about what goes into great mailings to make sure they appeal to clients. Moreover, APS takes the time and care to ensure your mailing material is created correctly from beginning to end.

With matched mailings, APS makes sure that materials are verified and compiled properly. We also make sure that all inserts and related materials are matched and packaged as they were planned. APS also checks and verifies client addresses to avoid any mailing mishaps that might happen in the various posting channels.

If promotional mailings aren’t done 100% correctly, many problems can occur. These are problems that can be avoided. APS can help you avoid these challenges and get your mailings out without hassle.