Miami, Florida (PRWEB), October 8, 2013 – APS Fulfillment, Inc (, one of the nation’s leading cost-effective fulfillment and integrated direct mail marketing companies, is pleased to announce its top tips for developing a flawless shipping strategy.

“On its most basic level, order fulfillment is about receiving, processing, packaging, posting, and delivering orders to end customers,” says Charles Aultman, president of APS Fulfillment, Inc. “At the same time, there are a large number of nuanced steps a fulfillment company will take along the way to significantly enhance and develop its multifaceted operation.”

For businesses looking to increase brand awareness and brand engagement and create a lifetime customer, Aultman says that it’s important to use a fulfillment and direct mail company that has developed a flawless shipping strategy that creates satisfied customers by avoiding costly mistakes.

“One way to enhance shipping efficiency is by handling postage production in-house,” he adds. “Developing an internal shipping strategy that calculates specific postage rates, creates bulk postage statements, and identifies potential cost-cutting measures reduces unnecessary expenses and increases efficiency.”

According to Aultman, unreliable shipping is one of the fastest ways that brands can damage their reputation. On top of that, today’s on-the-go customers want both their product and relevant information fast. A flawless shipping strategy, then, is one based on accountability and communication; that’s why it’s important for customers to know when they can expect to receive their order and that they can rely on an available customer service team.

“The way fulfillment companies deal with lost or returned packages is an important part of the order life cycle. And from a service perspective, it is the perfect opportunity to turn a disappointed customer into a repeat customer,” Aultman concludes. “After all, shipping includes more than just getting products out the back door. It’s part of every business’ brand strategy, and is why organizations need to hire a fulfillment company that strives to exceed their customers’ e-commerce experiences.”

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