Miami, FL (PRWEB), April 21, 2015 – APS Fulfillment, Inc., one of the nation’s leading and most cost-effective fulfillment and integrated direct mail marketing companies, is weighing in on a recent study revealing that the “Internet of Things” will boost supply chain and logistics operations and more efficient and transparent supply chain management.

According to a recent report, an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020 versus 15 billion today. The study found that growth in the Internet of Things (connection of virtually anything, from parcels to people, via Internet connectivity) will generate $8.0 trillion in “value at stake” over the next decade. One of the main drivers consists of supply chain and logistics at $1.9 trillion. (Source: Berthiaume, D., “Report estimates 50 billion devices will be connected to Web by 2020,”, April 15, 2015;

“The growing evolution of the Internet of Things will have a dramatic impact on the warehousing, supply chain, and logistics industry. It will also have a major effect on any organization that outsources its supply chain or logistics operations,” says Charles Aultman, president of APS Fulfillment, Inc. Because of the rapidly growing interconnectivity of the Internet of Things, the warehousing and logistics industry will experience a game-changing turnaround of events. This will include enhanced and streamlined efficiencies for businesses and customers alike as it connects, in real-time, millions of shipments being shipped, stored, packed, tracked, and stowed daily.

Aultman explains that when it comes to warehousing, the Internet of Things can help connect pallets and items, making for enhanced inventory management. For logistics, the Internet of Things means the tracking and tracing of products will become faster and more accurate, predictive, and secure.

“For customers, this means APS Fulfillment will be able to provide an even faster, more reliable, and cost-effective warehousing and fulfillment service,” Aultman concludes. “This is pretty impressive when one considers that brands using APS Fulfillment, because of its proximity to all major transportation hubs, state-of-the-art facilities, real-time shipping, and accurate pick-and-pack, can have their products received, inventoried, and shipped in just two days.”

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