Picking different apple

Implementing Better Pick-and-Pack OperationsOf all the processes that make up product fulfillment, pick-and-pack can be the most cumbersome. Extensive organization, as well as your personalized working methods, are required for your pick-and-pack fulfillment to succeed.

It’s wise to think of the pick-and-pack process as similar to a factory assembly line: the client places an order and your business then receives, prepares, and ships it. Following that process is the first step; here are other important details.


For starters, make sure you have the right location. Your picking area should be properly arranged and your packaging area should be sorted and designed for safety and efficiency. Depending on the size of your operation, you may also need commercial warehousing.

One thing commonly forgotten is assembly services; assembly or pre-assembly of certain products helps to reduce packing time. At this stage, it’s also a good idea to examine if you have the right packing containers. Pick-and-pack involves a lot of different sizes, so make sure you’ve got the ones you need.


As in most other businesses, technology is now a part of pick-and-pack fulfillment. And with technology comes the chance of bugs in your e-commerce fulfillment system. Clients need their online systems to be safe, secure, and quick, so you need to make sure you receive those orders for processing on a fast, safe, and functional system.

Of course, this implies your order picking technology is up to snuff: this includes order picking machinery, inventory control software, and anything necessary for handling and order processing fulfillment. A lot of these tools can assist with combining and sorting packages as requested, as well as with maintaining inventory and logistics records. If you find that the equipment you’re using for pick-and-pack is lacking, check online or at industry conventions for the latest developments and newer, better options.

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