APSFulfillment_image_110515“Pick and pack” is a form of centralized product distribution and fulfillment that makes use of a central location where products are shipped to and from. Under the pick and pack model, products are stored in a shared warehouse location that orders are sent to. Warehouse staff then use the stored products to fulfill and ship orders. Inventory software is used to track products in real time so that their presence and shipping can be fully accounted for and observed.

Advantages of Pick and Pack Services

Managing and financing your own distribution center is difficult and costly for all but the largest companies. Outsourcing to a warehouse-based pick and pack system is a more feasible and cost-effective method for most small or new businesses. By using an outsourced firm, you are able to benefit from a well-run warehouse facility without your own personnel being tied up in its management or maintenance. Every supply chain contains a number of moving parts, but it is always better when you don’t need to move the parts yourself.

Another benefit of the pick and pack system is shipping rates. Outsourced warehouses have a number of other clients and send out a much greater volume of orders than any one business does alone. This sheer quantity allows them to acquire better shipping rates and offer more specialized fulfillment services.

Pick and Pack Benefits Your Customers

Customer satisfaction has an additional dimension when dealing with e-commerce. Customers are not only going to form opinions based on the quality of your product, but on the speed and quality of the delivery. Getting the customers the right product is only part of the equation, as it must also arrive in a timely manner. When something goes wrong—which happens to everyone—proper, knowledgeable customer service is key to having all parties walk away satisfied. With pick and pack services, your packaging, shipping, and delivery resolution is all handled by specialized and experienced workers who may have been doing this longer than you’ve been in business. It adds a guarantee of professionalism and skill that can only benefit everyone.

This also applies to sudden peaks in demand. You may be a new business about to experience your first holiday shopping season. With outsourced pick and pack services, your products are being handled by people who have done this dance many times before. They know what to expect and how to properly adapt to not only the sudden upswing in orders, but also how to dial back down when the season is over.

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