Best Pick-and-Pack ServicesYou know what you want and so do your clients. The trouble is performing customer order fulfillment successfully on a regular basis, as is expected of any credible product fulfillment business.

That’s why many people turn to pick-and-pack fulfillment or order picking, outsourced solutions that ensure clients receive what they ordered. If you feel these could benefit your business, there are some things you should consider first, as not every service is the same.

Tips to Choose a Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment Service

Each company will have its own set of needs to determine. But there are tips that can help any business narrow its search for a pick-and-pack fulfillment service that works for them.

Stock and Tech

Modern order picking solutions deal with a lot of stock, which makes sense; demand has increased, so picking services have to offer a wider range of products. And depending on what you carry, you have to select the right order picking services.

Also note what those services offer in regards to product warehousing, assembly, and shipping; some of these picking solutions offer services aside from kitting. These can be useful, but expensive, so make sure you check the prices first.

The actual picking is now usually done through order fulfillment systems. Current technology, such as voice-directed picking and integrated software, are usually worth the investment, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Quality and Costs

As with most attempts to obtain quality and/or save money, doing your research is important. Simply looking into those claiming to have the best technology or customer order fulfillment is not enough; your investigation has to be more thorough. A starting point is to inquire with connections within the product fulfillment industry.

Trade publications, online searches, and B2B direct marketing channels can also point you in the right direction. Like many product fulfillment services, order picking firms usually have package plans that allow you to make your own selections while still leaving room for necessary changes in the future.


It’s almost an obvious point, but can easily be underestimated. For small businesses in particular, making most of your shipments to one area, it’s important that your pick-and-pack fulfillment service is not too far away geographically than most of your customers.

Single and Multi-Channel Fulfillment

This is where you have to determine where the majority of your orders will be processed. Are you selling strictly from a single channel, like your website? Or are you selling from multiple channels including ebay, Amazon, and other sources? Your pick-and-pack service provider must be able to manage either circumstance, particularly if you plan to expand.

Product Shipping Guarantee

It’s important to find out what kind of assertions your potential pick-and-pack service can provide. Do they guarantee same day? Do they have expedited services? Ask questions and do your research to know what kind of history they have of shipping packages on time.

Product Shipping Confirmation

As a business, communication is essential between you, your employees, and your fulfillment partners. Shipping confirmation is a means of communications that shows when a package has been delivered. It also builds confidence and shows transparency as far as tracking orders.

Product Return Management

Returns are a part of logistics. It’s something every company must deal with. However, dealing with returns effectively is a way to keep customers happy and ensure they are still motivated to keep purchasing your products.

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to learn about a pick-and-pack service is to see what others are saying about them. Take some time to check out their reviews. It may surprise you to read about others interaction with this company.

Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment Cost

It’s difficult to determine a general cost for pick-and-pack fulfillment. It depends on many factors, mainly to do with your business needs and goals.

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