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pick and packFulfillment duties can affect everyone working in your distribution center in many negative ways, especially if your pick-and-pack and shipping services are out of date. That’s because when these services are outdated, you can see a lot of errors happen–not to mention your workers’ anger.

Having an advanced pick, pack, and shipping fulfillment system can be beneficial over so many facets of your fulfillment business. Here are a few key ones:

1. There’s More Streamlining

Using pick-and-pack services means having a lot of operations going on at once, from product selection, labeling, and packaging before shipping to keeping records of orders. It’s very easy for all of this to get disorganized, especially if you deal in a lot of varied products that are packed together and if your tools aren’t up to today’s standards. Luckily, modern fulfillment technology allows for better organization and the ability to streamline your work to maintain efficiency at all times.

2. They Are Easier to Use

Using older fulfillment pick-and-pack tools wasn’t particularly simple; more specifically, you had to record everything in ledgers and use old analog filing systems. Things have obviously changed a lot, as today’s pick-and-pack technology and services are very sophisticated, using remote devices to scan barcodes and voice activation picking systems to make finding items an easier process. Employees using a more technologically advanced pick-and-pack system have easier day-to-day jobs that can be completed with less difficulty.

3. You Never Lose Things

Along with being easier to use, high-tech pick-and-pack systems allow you to keep tabs on the quantity and locations of your products. Using bar codes and data-based technology allows you to organize your products in your warehouse, as well as record product numbers so that you always have items on-hand for future pick-and-pack orders.

4. There’s More Safety

Better technology in pick-and-pack systems makes it possible for orders to be handled in a safer manner. With past fulfillment procedures, there were always cases of employees working with their hands, which were likely already holding lots of pens and paper, while trying to gather and bound goods for orders–needless to say, this was a recipe for disaster. Modern fulfillment technology allows for more “hands-free” working conditions, clears clutter, and helps operators remain focused on their jobs. As a result, there are fewer instances of accidents at the workplace and an overall better working environment.

5. There’s Less Employee Turnover

One of the biggest concerns with fulfillment centers, and distribution houses in particular, is the higher turnover rate, which leaves fulfillment managers having to put more time and effort into hiring and training. There are many reasons for people quitting, from poor wages to better opportunities, but the big reason seems to be employees not feeling safe or being unable to complete their jobs properly with the older tools they’ve been supplied. Recent statistics have shown that companies using an advanced pick, pack, and shipping method have a happier workforce and retain employees longer.

6. Training is Easier

Does your business have any temps? If you currently don’t, you likely will during the busier shopping seasons, most notably Christmas. If you’re familiar with hiring temporary staff, you know how tough it can be to find the right people and then spend a lot of time training them so that their tasks can be completed efficiently and on time. Older fulfillment methods required long training periods and more effort on your regular staff’s part, but today’s more advanced tools make training easier and possible within a shorter time frame.

While it can be a huge investment and require some further education to get your pick, pack, and shipping services updated, if you consider all the benefits to both your employees and your company, you can see how it’s worth it in the long run.

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