How to Properly Fine-Tune Your Product Fulfillment Business

Off the Righteous Path

 Things won’t always turn out perfectly; that’s just the way things go. And sometimes we see it coming, sometimes we don’t.

The social ideology of the righteous path to success in any business seems to dictate that if we regularly work hard, we should always be successful. The good songwriters will always score good songs, as long as their hearts are in it. The good stockbroker will always make the green, as long as they keep their head in the stock market game. The good contractor will build a solid reputation over time, as long as they work efficiently, with attention to detail. But there’s always a tipping point: the songwriter “sells out,” the stockbroker missteps and it costs him, the contractor doesn’t get along with a client and a bad review plagues his spotless reputation, and so on. The righteous may make conceptual sense, but it doesn’t account for the outside influences that will always crop up.

The same is true with product fulfillment. You think that as long as the products get ordered, you can fill clients’ orders and rake in the cash. It sounds so easy. But if anything happens, from a blip in fulfillment shipping procedures to the introduction of new media that changes the procedures of your business, you can get thrown into a professional whirlwind that you might never get out of.

It’s one thing to fall off the righteous path. But there’s no reason why you can’t get back on it, or even work to stay on it as much as possible. Keeping tabs on some basic product fulfillment jobs can help you stay on the best path to success. 

The First Steps

 Most jobs in product fulfillment follow the basic customer order-order fulfillment protocol. The clients see your materials, place their order and pay; you order the product and ship it out to them. It should be that simple. But it’s here where you have to pay attention to those little blips.

Start with the first step of every order. Make sure that you can meet the fulfillment order before it’s even placed. This means that your fulfillment warehouse and related procedures are down pat, whereby you can quickly access those products that you’ve stocked for clients the moment you receive a client order. Also make sure that the client can easily and properly place the fulfillment order from their end. Your marketing materials must list everything correctly and your catalogues must include easy-to-complete order forms. Keep someone around to ensure that orders are received, executed, and then delivered.

Tapering things off, your mailing fulfillment needs to be sound as well. Is your shipping material affixed with correct postage for the fastest possible delivery? Do you have the right containers on hand for mailing? Are there any border regulations to be adhered to for cross-border mailing? These questions and terms are pretty easy to answer. Plus, if you can actually fill your clients’ orders, you’ve got things nailed down.


The other “fulfillment” portion of today’s product fulfillment world is e-fulfillment service—and it needs to be in check, as well. Making sure all online product fulfillment services work properly, so that clients can quickly and easily order what they need right off the Internet, is absolutely necessary today. Your interfaces, web sites, and promo material often require a good going-over once in a while.

In fact, that might solve all your product fulfillment issues when things start to go wrong for your business. Going over your product fulfillment operations with a fine-toothed comb on a regular basis like any good inspector will help you spot the problems before they actually manifest themselves. Remember that clients today can get bad services just about anywhere these days. You don’t want your product fulfillment business to be a part of that; so make sure you nail down all aspects of your business, so that it rarely ever falters.

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