Thinking Practically About Courier and Mail in Product Fulfillment

One Versus the Other

 There was Coke vs. Pepsi, then Burger King vs. McDonald’s, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings, and, for some, Lady Gaga vs. Madonna. When you’ve got two parties doing two similar things, it’s simply a matter of deciding which one is better.

Now before some of you dismiss these arguments as a matter of personal taste or as being trivial, there is some merit to these debates. Consumers are always pitting one against the other, not so much for lively debate with friends, but to really see which one they prefer and why. It’s a big, competitive market out there, and it’s necessary to evaluate everything on what merits it offers you.

With product fulfillment, there is more than one debate going on, such as digital vs. print, outsourcing locally vs. internationally—you get the idea. But one debate that often trumps all the rest is regarding shipping logistics and how you get products out to your clients. The jury is still out on which method is the best.

One side tends to favor the merits of the standard postal logistics, claiming the age-old public service is still the best and most cost-efficient way to get products out. The other camp has no problem avoiding “snail mail” and going with courier services, proclaiming their speed and shipping options are superior. It’s a real divisive match between the two, but in the end, product fulfillment pros just need to consider both options and decide which method is best for them at any given moment.

Getting the Most from Your Post

 The argument for postal logistics has merit, and all product fulfillment pros should consider it after close examination. The mail is not what you might think it is: it has a lot of options to ship products quickly, offers decent prices, and has great tracking options to locate your sent products in order to ensure they reach their destination on time and in good condition.

However, the criticisms of today’s postal service have merit, too. Depending on the service you select, it can be slow, and things can get lost. It also can’t always handle those really big mailing fulfillment services, wherein you have to send a lot of products on a regular basis—it wasn’t necessarily designed for that. For these reasons, it’s worth examining some highly recommended courier services. They are unquestionably expensive at times, but they are very fast, often incorporate the best mechanisms from trusted logistics companies to ensure quality delivery, and are very professional on a business-to-business level, where they can offer you certain special services at decent prices.

In the end, it’s worth considering what you are sending out. If you are a heavy shipper of big products in shipping fulfillment, get the books out and compare prices. If you are going smaller, the postal service might be able to do the job well enough. It’s just a matter of what is needed at any given moment for your product fulfillment business.

As You Like

It’s good living in today’s marketplace, because there is the freedom of choice. For product fulfillment pros, this is an asset in the shipping fulfillment field, as you have options regarding how to get your product out. A lot of pros prefer to keep trusted postal logistics on hand, with a good courier service as a backup, though vice versa is also a possibility.

There’s no real perfect answer when it comes to postal logistics and shipment fulfillment for your product fulfillment business: you just have to investigate, weigh the options, and choose which service best suits your needs. Debates are great, but in product fulfillment shipment, you should use these debates to make strong and effective decisions.

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