Order Fulfillment Services, FloridaSince customers are generally lost or gained through an order fulfillment service, it can be nerve wracking to outsource your business’s fulfillment shipping to another company. But having a third party manage your company’s fulfillment service can be the best thing for you to take your business to the next level. To optimize this service, the key is to find an established order fulfillment company that already has the ideal system in place.

Detailing Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment deals with the start-to-end process of delivering products to a customer. This includes receiving and processing the order so the customer is sent the right item in the correct quantity. Each step in the order fulfillment process has its own requirements which need to be taken into consideration.

For example, receiving and processing an order can happen in multiple ways. Receiving orders refers to managing the physical products in the warehouse. This includes getting the actual items from the manufacturer, counting the items to make sure all the products are there, and adding SKU labels so the products can be added to the system and placed on shelves. Most businesses choose to process e-commerce orders by syncing their shopping carts with the software of the order fulfillment company. This allows orders to come directly to the fulfillment system as they are requested from the website; all while allowing sellers to track purchases.

Orders can also be received manually by the fulfillment company. This option is typically reserved for large orders where other special requirements are made within the order. Some businesses may even send CSV files for the same reason, or handle multiple orders for something like a subscriber list.

Once an order is received and processed, the items are picked off the shelves and prepared for shipping. Preparation involves using the appropriate packing material, adding any customizable inserts, and scanning and correctly sealing the package before it is sent off to the shipping station. Once at the shipping station, workers are required to determine the proper means of shipping the products, based on weight and preference, specified by the seller.

The final part of the order fulfillment process often goes unmentioned: returns. A clear policy should be put in place either on the website or somewhere it is readily accessible. Returned orders are to be inspected by the order fulfillment company and a succinct return procedure needs to be in place by the seller so updates can be made to each system.

Trust APS for Your Order Fulfillment Service

The complex nature of providing an efficient order fulfillment service is the main reason businesses turn to a fulfillment company like APS Fulfillment, Inc. We have a warehouse, specialized software, a team of experienced and technically-sound individuals, as well as a tested system in place to optimize fulfillment orders in an efficient manner. We are based in Florida but offer fulfillment shipping for clients worldwide. If you require fulfillment shipping in Florida, contact APS Fulfillment, Inc. today.